Suddenly Seventeen (China Movie)

Misaki PureBlood | March 20, 2017 | |

I should have work on my thesis but I don't know why I keep playing on Youtube video and accidentally click one of this movie called "Suddenly Seventeen" China romance fantasy movie~

The first sec, I know I will like this movie! The opening song is so cute (currently I make it one of my blog mp3) but know what.... cannot find the full song =.= Maybe because this movie is still new. Hurmmmm... Gaaaaaahhhhhhhh...

To be short, it's a movie about a girl who gave up her dream for her man and waits for 10 years for him to propose. She proposed him on her best friend wedding because she cannot wait for him anymore... but everything went chaos as he ask for break up after that. She chased him but he got away, and while chasing him, she eat 2-3 bites of chocolate (that she bought through midnight show?)

The chocolate that can make her feels young. Physical no changes except her state of mind. She start to pursue her dream because of this and meet new love. So many trouble happen due to her 17 year old came out.

and for your information. One of the heroes "Darren Wang" he also act in Our Times ❤ But owh well, I didn't like his character in this movie even though daaaa!!! he is so freaking handsome!!!❤ and the heroin, she really looks alike with Han Ye Seul.. Maybe it just me :D but she is pretty 

If you wanna watch this movie, try a search on Kissanime or on Youtube :) I bet there is one especially on Youtube because I did mention right? I watch this movie from there :P 

O.k now, tomorrow I need to work. Ermmmmmmmmm... Bye2 :) See ya again guys... Mmmmmuaaaah~ 


  1. *screams* Darren Wang is such a bae in Our Times! And the other guy, Wallace Huo! I really adore him in Love Me If You Dare ._. It's been ages since I watched cdrama, this one looks promising though XD

    1. Ahahahaha.. Same!!!! In Our Times.. My oh my.. He is so freaking cool and handsome XD awwww didn't watch the drama yet.. But I did know the title tho cheer... XD this one kinda good... You chase your dream <3 good movie for self motivation :)

  2. Saya rase pernah nampak full movie ni dekat youtube la hahaha. Our times tu best sangat huish. Tengah hunt for taiwan movie act skrg, sbb dah bosan dengan korea haha. Btw hi,salam kenal XD

    1. mungkin pernah ternampak :D trylah tengok XD hehehe
      kan.... Our Times tu omg.. cannot describe lah XD cute XD ahahahahaha.. uish bosan dengan Korea.. ngahahahaha.. drama Korea best sebab dia berat.. Taiwan best sbb half and half.. Japanese pulak byk kelakar.. ahahahhaaha.. salam kenal :)