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Bias dalam Block B dah semestinya ZICO!!! Suara Zico nyanyi macam ni memang oh my... Part yang paling best bila Zico cakap "I Believe in Destiny" Sweeet~

I really love this concept <3 Cute... anyway that part Muahh sound like mmmah.. lol XD Zico..

If you already listen to this song, you should listen it again... :3 My favourite music this week :D

To non-Kpoper, you can try to listen :3

He really can sing <3

If you want to now the meaning and sing along, watch this one :3

| W A T C H . Z I C O . M V . R E A C T I O N |

| W A T C H . Z I C O . M V . R E A C T I O N . B Y . J R E |
| W A T C H . Z I C O . M V . R E A C T I O N . B Y . M W K P O P|


  1. same here!!!! oh oh zico dengan park kyung kalau block b T.T ahaha comel sangat concept ni, omg. before this, he always chose that fierce and wild concept :') i am so emo right here

  2. ok downloaded! hahahha.
    im not into kpop actually, but do listen some. hehehhee. :D
    most of the time, i love kpop MV sbb cool n creative!

  3. baru je tengok semalam! the mv are indeed very cute! zico all the waaaaay xD


  4. wow.. imej zico dah berubah sejak last tgk dia..

  5. not a fan of zico bcs i prefer his songs for block b!! hahaa