Tutorial Make Own Cursor for Blog

Misaki PureBlood | January 20, 2016 |

I feel so sleepy actually XD and I stop watching F.R.I.E.N.D series for a while (even though I just start from episode 1 just now) ahaahahaha XD I don't know if I will watch it again :3 

Don't get me wrong, its my favourite show actually, it just that since I already watch it a long time ago~ :3 hurmmm (if its movie [all language], Korean|Japanese|Taiwan|Hong Kong drama I might consider watch it twice or more) ahaha..

Oh yeah, someone ask me how to make a cursor.

For your information, I use tutorial from Konoha Cursor Tumblr.
1. Tools that I used to make the background image transparent or change it into PNG image:

+ Photoshop (mine cannot work even if I installed it back, it keep saying close instance Photoshop CS6 Portable.. erghhh) 
+ GIMP 2 (this is all I have but hurmm, the loading time to open the apps take 20-30 second like that)
+ Paint.Net (this is what Konoha Cursor use)

2. Website link that I use to put arrow in cursor, re-size the cursor (same link as Konoha Cursor Tumblr):

So, good luck. I don't feel like I want to make it step by step since Konoha Cursor Tumblr already tuto you on how to do it :3



  1. aku gabisa bikin kursorrrrr huhu :( padahal mauu yg lucu2 gt, gapinter photoshopT^T

    1. ehhhh benar?? x-) kalau buang backgroundnya tahu?

  2. nice tutorials.. ada yang custom cursor tu, jenuh nak letak kat link.. mcm xberapa nak detect

    1. :-# hehehe thank you :D kan.. lagipun Misaki suka buat cursor ikut theme blog :3 hehehe XD boleh try cursor sendiri lagi best kan :D

  3. loved it..... go misaki goo hahaha xd