Situation Boyfriend

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  • When you are feeling down after a fight with a friend
  • When you want a change of pace from work
  • When you have some time right before you sleep
  • When you want someone to say sweet things to you
  • When you have quick break or lunch
I'm going to introduce to you girls, best app that I always use since last 2 semester  :D :D :D

Have you ever play a game call Situation Boyfriend or Situation BF? (Not a game actually, but an application/apps in handphone)

Have you ever play My Virtual Boyfriend apps in handphone? If you have, this kind of application is suitable for you single lady (like me) heal your broken heart, a painful day become bright just by listen to this application voice. A voice app where the boyfriend of your choice heals and melts your heart through whispers.

You can recharge you mental and emotional battery with just a tap!

NOTE: This app is recorded with a dummyhead microphone. Users are recommended to use earphones or headphones when running the app.
Situation Boyfriend is an application from Apps Store (for mobile phone of course). This apps is develop by Sugar Beats Co. Ltd Entertainment. It prove a free voice apps with outstanding cast!!! 
C A S T :

  1. CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
    Theme: Fever Boyfriend
    Other Works: SAO-Kirito | No Game No Life-Sora
  2. CV: Toshiki Masuda
    Theme: No Date (Home Dating)
    Other Works: Haikyu!!-Chikara Ennoshita | Kurono no Basuke (Season 3)-Hayama Koutarou | One Punch Man-Charanko
  3. CV: Takashi Kondo
    Theme: Contract Boyfriend (Devil)
    Other Works: Diabolik Lovers-Subaru | Hitman Reborn-Hibari Kyoya | Fairy tail-Hibiki Lates | SIH-Onodera
  4. CV: Natsuki Hanae
    Theme: Idol Boyfriend
    Other Works: Tokyo Ghoul-Kaneki | Ace of Diamond-Haruichi Kominato | Nagi Asu-Hikari Sakishima | You Lie in April-Kosei Arima | Charlotte-Maedomari
  5. CV: Kaito Ishikawa
    Theme: Overprotective Boyfriend
    Other Works: Haikyu!!-Kageyama | Owari no Seraph-Shiho Kimizuki | RDG-Manatsu Soda
  6. CV: Souma Saito
    Theme: School Secret
    Other Works: Haikyu!!-Tadashi Yamaguchi | Plastic Memories-Max
  7. CV: Ryouta Ousaka
    Theme: Office
    Other Works: Tonari no Kaibutsu kun-Sasahara | Attack on Titan-Marco
  8. CV: Atsushi Tamaru
    Theme: Gentle Healing While Lying Down
    Other Works: Haikyu!!-Akira Kunimi | Meganebu!-Takuma Hachimine
  9. CV: Ayumu Murase
    Theme: Love & Flirt
    Other Works: Haikyu!!-Hinata | SAO-Recon | Wolf Girl & Black Prince-Yuu Kusakabe
  10. CV: Masatomo Nakazawa
    Theme: Warm Boyfriend (Kotatsu/Blanket)
    Other Works: Haikyu!!-Futakichi Kenji
  11. CV: Seiichiro Yamashita
    Theme: Younger Boyfriend
    Other Works: Touken Ranbu (Game)
  12. CV: Yuusuke Kobayashi
    Theme: Enchanted Boyfriend Fox & Raccoon
    Other Works: Akatsuki no Yona-Suu Won
A D D I T I O N A L . C A S T :

  1. CV: Atsushi Tamaru
    Theme: Until You Fall Asleep Again
    Other Works: Haikyu!!-Akira Kunimi | Meganebu!-Takuma Hachimine
  2. CV: Yuiichirou Umehera
    Theme: Sugar Sweet Boyfriend
    Other Works: Owari no Seraph-Rene Simm 
E X T R A . À L A . C A R T E :

Theme 1 (Vol 1): Humanoid

  1. CV: Sho Okumura
    Other Works: Fire Emblems (Game)
  2. CV: Hidenori Takahashi
    Other Works: Amnesia-Waka | Beelzebub-Shimikawa | Beelzbub-Graphel
  3. CV: Kengo Kawanishi
    Other Works: Another-Junta Nakao | Psycho Pass 2-Kyohei Otsu | Charlotte-Sichino

Theme 2 (Vol 2): Encouragement

  1. CV: Sho Okumura
    Other Works: Fire Emblems (Game)
  2. CV: Hidenori Takahashi
    Other Works: Amnesia-Waka | Beelzebub-Shimikawa | Beelzbub-Graphel
  3. CV: Kengo Kawanishi
    Other Works: Another-Junta Nakao | Psycho Pass 2-Kyohei Otsu | Charlotte-Sichino

Step 1: Go to Apps Store and Search for Situation Boyfriend

Step 2: Install

Step 3: Open the Situation Boyfriend Apps (you will see this) 

Step 4: Click on any CV you want to have and it will download the file (Wait till it finish) As example, I'm choosing Natsuki Hanae.

Step 5: After finish, click on the CV you already download

Step 6: After that, click on the Mic and download the file (Wait till it finish)

Step 7: After finish, click on the Mic again and just click Skip (if you click Yes, it just explain to you if its working well both left and right speaker with sexy voice)

Step 8: Click on icon/symbol in the middle between back and talk. Choose any mode you want to listen. (You can only listen to unlocked voice pack)

Step 9: Click on Talk to listen to the CV (its already translated in English)

There is a list of Voice Pack, most of voice is locked but there is 1-4 pack will be unlocked free without need to pay depend on the CV you choose. Some CV give only 1 free voice pack. You can unlocked the voice pack but it cost you money and if you are lucky. Tere is an offer you can complete to unlock certain voice pack.

(For example, this one you can tweet to unlock mini drama voice pack)

If you use this apps, tell me which CV you love the most :3 If its me, I love CV Kaito Ishikawa, Ryouta Ousaka, Atsushi Tamaru, Masatomo Nakazawa and Yuiichiro Umehara <3 <3 <3

:: SO ENJOY ::

Pencarian Mega Bloglist Aisyhah Nyais

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Misaki jarang join, but kali ni join :) Kalau nak join, click dekat banner ni o.k? 


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R E A L . L O V E . A C T I N G . L O V E

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Heya guys, I'm pretty busy this week working on some project. Anyway, anyone who follow up my work on LOVE STORY OF RED RIDING HOOD (short stories) I hope you will wait for next chapter coming up :3 Already in my blog but.. hurmmm.. feel like something lack..

Today, I just wanna tell you guys about my new work. Woopsie.. :P

It might be the same typical love story that you already read before. I'm sorry for that, but this story all are made up by me 100% (maybe b influence of books I've read before this or maybe because of drama)

Hopefully, it will not disappoint you guys though TT^TT Owh, and.. Since I'm not a good writer I don't know if I should consider put up my work in Wattpad or not. You already know, how bad my Grammar is (past tense and present erghhh) That's not include other stuff yet.. ahahahaha

What is your opinion? Should I? or Should I not? (or should I practice more English? and put more effort writing in Malay?) Thanks for your honest opinion :) Really appreciate it XD

So, lets start introducing Real Love Acting Love.

Lillian Watson is a beautiful proud actress in London. A 24 years ladies age have never been fall in love? Maybe? She have almost everything in her 24 years life. She is happy with just having her mom and dad and her two brother (both in the same profession as her), her bestfriend, and of course her loyal fans.

Until that day happen, all her life changed drastically. She's been hiding for 2 years and when she had a courage to be herself, one guy she did not even know kidnap her!!!

Why is he kidnapping her? Why he looks so cool? (Wait, she still in kidnapping mode) Where did he want to bring her?

Follow their journey (will it ending nice or bad) You will see. Just wish for the best :)
Heroin: Amanda Seyfried as Lillian Watson
Hero: Ian Somerhalder as Redd O'Connor
Heroin Brother 1: James Andres Eric Phelps as Alex Watson
Heroin Brother 2: Oliver Martyn John Phelps as Aldan Watson

Actually for heroin, I have another 2 character I would love to make as heroin: Keira Knightley, Emily Rudd and Scarlett Leithold

and for hero, I would like Heath Ledger to be the main XD nevermind, next time XD
What did you think about the casting? and the synopsis? :D

Tutorial Make Own Cursor for Blog

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I feel so sleepy actually XD and I stop watching F.R.I.E.N.D series for a while (even though I just start from episode 1 just now) ahaahahaha XD I don't know if I will watch it again :3 

Don't get me wrong, its my favourite show actually, it just that since I already watch it a long time ago~ :3 hurmmm (if its movie [all language], Korean|Japanese|Taiwan|Hong Kong drama I might consider watch it twice or more) ahaha..

Oh yeah, someone ask me how to make a cursor.

For your information, I use tutorial from Konoha Cursor Tumblr.
1. Tools that I used to make the background image transparent or change it into PNG image:

+ Photoshop (mine cannot work even if I installed it back, it keep saying close instance Photoshop CS6 Portable.. erghhh) 
+ GIMP 2 (this is all I have but hurmm, the loading time to open the apps take 20-30 second like that)
+ Paint.Net (this is what Konoha Cursor use)

2. Website link that I use to put arrow in cursor, re-size the cursor (same link as Konoha Cursor Tumblr):

So, good luck. I don't feel like I want to make it step by step since Konoha Cursor Tumblr already tuto you on how to do it :3


3 Must-Have Necklaces for a Woman

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Accessories complete an outfit for a woman or a man. Accessories not limited only for a woman but also for man to enhance their looks and styles. 

In this topic, I'm going to introduces to you 3 kind of necklaces as a ladies must have. For the ladies who love mixing up their look, accessories such as necklaces is the perfect choice that will transform your appearance.

It cannot be denied that there are many designs of necklaces available for women to choose from depending on their fashion taste. 

However, some of you may not have a clue on the best necklaces that you must have. Ladies who want to get the idea of the 3 must-have necklaces for women can take a look below:
1. Silver Pendant Necklace
Ladies who are looking for a versatile piece of accessory which can be matched with any outfit must own lovely silver pendant necklaces. Silver pendant necklace suit for someone who love to be simple yet stylish in a basic top, dresses or even your formal wears. 

Love freedom? Love being versatile. Silver pendant necklace is the best necklace suit for you ladies~

2. Choker Necklace

Have you ever wonder what kind of necklace that Cinderella wear around her necklace? That necklace known as choker. Choker is close-fitting necklace worn on the neck and well known as a necklace wears by high up status and ballerina.

It was actually introduced as French cultural jewel during 1798. In 2010 its resurface back as a trend until today. You can see many female teenager wear choker necklace looks stunning. 

Currently, teenager love to wear choker necklace that looks like a tattoo wear you can buy it or just do it yourself. 

But, if you looks for choker that make you looks beautiful during the night event. The trick is to reveal the beauty of the choker necklace is by wearing it with an off shoulder top or dress.
3. Statement Necklace
Statement necklaces have been one of the top choices of accessories women wear to glam up their outfits.

What is statement necklace? According to Wikipedia, statement necklaces are large necklaces with an excessive amount of dangle, beads, or intricate details and are made from a variety of materials and come in infinite number of colours and colour combinations.

The best thing about statement necklaces is that it gives your outfit that exclusive fashionable touch and will make you appear chic everywhere you go.

Match it with a nice plain top and feel that confidence.

SO, WHICH ONE IS YOUR STYLE??? Let me know :)

Now you know all these 3 Must-Have Necklace as a Woman must have, what are you waiting for? Go grab your card or cash and buy it right now XD Ahahaha.. Joking :3



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Heya, NERD~ WEIRDO is back~

Actually, I'm not in a good condition.. I have a fever (yeah, but today I still can online) but yesterday... Erghhh really bad.. whole of my body feel so hot, and I cannot even move (I can move but yeah, its restricted, feel pain) and I feel so tired. 

Yesterday I had an exam. The aircond make my condition become worse. My mouth, my hands, my feet become numb TT^TT 

My two bro of mine come pick me up from my hostel after I make a fuss to my mom how bad my condition is, I even cry LOL... XD So, my mom ask my brother to pick me... I'M HOME!!!

Thank God, today its becoming better. :3 Maybe, today I will go to clinic. Maybe? XD

Anyway, that's not what I'm supposed to say. As you can see in my blog, I've change my blog template (but still using Simple Template) but I have a problem with my comment section.

I wanna ask you guys if you know how to fix comment section in blog. I already try everything. It does not work.

I think, after I click on Template>Customise>Advanced>Backgrounds>Main Background and choose transparent this thing happen. Hurmmm...

If I click white background, yeah is become no problem anymore but this blog skin will become weird since I separate main post and sidebar and I don't intend to make the main background white.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? 

Anyway, pray for me. Still have 2 more paper this coming Friday and Saturday. See ya~