Celebrate My 200th Follower~

Misaki PureBlood | April 03, 2015 | |

Uwaaaaarhh.. I got 200 follower finally.. Thank you for following me even though I've not able to update my blog frequently like before. I'm so sorry. I'll try my best updating my blog. Keep in touch :)

Owh ya, before this, I make a promise with my ownself. If I got 200 followers, I will make a giveaway. Please wait for my giveaway :)


Right now, I kind of busy with my classes. Next week, my schedule full with exam test TT^TT.

Wish me luck k :)
So, I wanna ask you guys something. What kind of giveaway you want from me? I will try to fullfill it according to my capability :) Just mention it in comment section ^__^
Before I end my entry for today, I'm gonna give you one interesting quote :)
Here, quote that really inspiring me lately. I keep saying it whenever I wanna start a day. You should try saying it to yourself in front of the mirror. It have a good effect, you know. You will be positive. Who else gonna say something good about yourself, if its not you?
Pst:/ Trying to figure out someone who can help my group assignment design a new label packaging for Sardin Pertima. Anyone can help?

=See ya all again next time=


  1. congrats ya. hehhee. :D
    gudluck with group assignment. hehhe. macam best :D

    1. Sankyuu BV :D hehe..
      Yeayyy XDD Go go XDD

      mcm best ye.. ahahaha..