Tutorial Increase Laptop Volume (First Method)

Misaki PureBlood | February 08, 2015 | BE THE FIRST TO WHISPER!

Hola, I'm back from holiday... Spend my whole week at my cousin's house and we went to Sunway Lagoon... Wuhuuu XD Such beautiful memories. Next time I wanna go there again. (I'll update my experience for the first time in Sunway Lagoon next time)<--- (I think I'm not gonna update my Sunway Lagoon experience after all) ahahaha Sorry :P

For today, I'm gonna teach you how to increase your laptop/computer volume.

If you watch a movie using GOM player or VLC you don't have to be worried about this kind of problem, but if you streaming some video online either YouTube or any other site. Some of the video volume is limited and can't be increased anymore.

So, this is the solution.

1. Click sound symbol in the corner of taskbar.

2. Double click the speaker.

3. As you can see, speaker properties will pop up when you click the speaker.

4. Click Enhancement tab.

Finish. Now you will find that your video boost in volume. ~E.N.J.O.Y~