How To Cheat in Exam

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I'm just sharing this not for you to cheat in exam unless if you dare to do so, its on your own... Don't blame me after this if you were caught cheating :P


Here is some list on how I use to cheat before this... B.E.F.O.R.E and some of the list that I've never tried because I find its disturbing.. Oh well.. CHEATING still not nice thing to do :)

So, teachers out there... You can use this to detect some trouble student out there.. Mwahahaha... (Evil Laugh)

Some Quote For You Who Want To Cheat in EXAM:
# I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating by Sophocles

# All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy by Scott Alexander
1. Write Answer/Note on Your Arm

2. Write Answer/Note on Your Nail

The best way I have ever tried without getting caught...

3. Bring Small Note

4. Bring in Transparent?Blank Paper Answer/Note

You can only do this, if your teacher allow you to bring extra paper on your own. How to cheat? The day before exam,use two paper. Write note that you need on top of other paper and make sure you pressed you pen/pencil hard to make sure it leave mark.

5. Bring in Text Book

6. Using Hand Phone

7. Write Answer/Note on Your Mineral Water

8. Write Answer/Note on Your Desk

9. Write Answer/Note on the Wall Next to Your Seat

10. Put Text Book/Note in the Toilet Pump

11. Stare at Your Friend Answer Sheet

12. Write Answer/Note on Your Calculator

Use this method, only if your teacher not someone who always check your calculator. You can wrote your note on the back or front of calculator or on its cover.

13. Write Answer/Note between Your Finger

14. Write Answer/Note on Your Pen or Pencil

Make sure that your pencil not too bright so that, no one notice~

15. Cheat With Friend

Sharing is caring...

16. Put Hidden Note Under Your Skirt

If you dare enough... 

17. Put Hidden Note Inside Your Student Card

Make sure it does not show your hidden noteXD

18. Write Answer/Note on Your Tissue

19. Write Answer/Note on Your Ruler

20. Write Answer/Note on Your Eraser

21. Write Answer/Note on Your Hand Palm

22. Using Cheat Pen

I don't know if they still sell this pen or not and I've never use this thing...




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Quote For Today #1

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Today, I'm sharing with you guys some quote that I really love. As I'm being asked by my lecturer to share two quotes on motivation and explain what does it means for me.

Today quote are the quote that I have never mention in my About Me section. I'm not sure if I already mention it in my other post. I don't think so. Ahahaha...

"It's okay to cry but you have to move on" by Red-Hair Shank

This is a quote from anime/Japanese cartoon called One Piece. One Piece is my inspiration because I learned so many thing from there. Whether  its bad or good.

According to this quote I mention, its happen when Luffy the main character wearing straw hat had just lost his sworn brother, Ace. While being painful and cannot accept the fact that Ace already died. Shank silently tell Luffy that he can cry but life must go on. He must move on.

Why I love this quote? 

First, One Piece is my favourite show. 

Second, I always crying whenever something bad happen. I just can't control my feeling. If I got hurt even a little, automatically I will cry. Even if we get hurt, we must continue living and move on. We cannot stay in the same place regret what had already happen. We cannot change anything that already in past. This quote keep reminding me how I should forget my regret and hurtful past so I can moved on and be happy.

"We need to have a mask that we never take off.." by Uta

Another quote that I love from my favourite anime/Japanese cartoon called Tokyo Ghoul. It actually such an extreme anime where a ghoul (in a human form but eat human and they have supernatural power) or we could say Cannibal who had supernatural power. 

A ghoul cannot eat human food. They taste yuck and cannot go with their taste. The only exception is coffee. 

Tokyo Ghoul is telling about one guy name Ken Kaneki who was at first a human but currently as a ghoul and a human. This happen when he got into accident and one doctor deliberately transplant a ghoul organ in his body.

When he realize he cannot normally eat his favourite food, burger. He know that something had already change. 

Skip this story and back to the quote, "we need to have a mask that we never take off". Its a quote by Uta. While taking Kaneki measurement to make Kaneki own mask, he say this quote. Because they are ghoul. They need something to hide their identity from being exposed to human. With one mistake, they will fall.

That is the reason why I love this quote. As a human, we had our own mask. As a protection. Especially for someone who is afraid if someone might know his another identity. Especially when we had a bad past or we are a bad person and want to keep innocent.

It could also can be insecurity. Afraid to introduce our self to someone and tend to stay in the corner, stay out of the crowd. Afraid what people might say if they learn the truth. Afraid of expectation of others. Afraid of impression. This is all happen because lack of confidence. 

I know all of you had your own mask. Without it, you can never survive in this world. Maybe they are some of you who never had a mask. Maybe... I cannot say I'm sure but I believe that most human in this Earth had their own mask to keep living peacefully until they lost the mask or they remove it for something good or bad.

So, that's it :D 

I hope you guys enjoy my explanation that kind like a maze. Ahahaha :D

What Hurts The Most

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Every time I listen to this song... I will cry.. Especially at the first scene, when she's yelling and blame all of this happen because of her father. 

Please leave the fact that even though we have been taught to respect our parent and we can't raise voice higher than them.. 

I just wanna say, that this is such depressing and heartbreaking song. You might be in this situation, where you lost someone so close to you. Just a blink of eyes. He's not here anymore. Even if we still had so many thing to share, to say. He's not here.

How can you survive, when you had a future plan for both of you. Just when you feel the light, suddenly you're being trapped in a dark.

So, whoever have not yet listen to this song. Why not give a try. You might love it :)

Rascal Flatts-What Hurts The Most


I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
That don’t bother me
I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out
I’m not afraid to cry every once in a while
Even though going on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I’m OK
But that’s not what gets me

What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin’ to do

It’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I’m doin’ It
It’s hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I’m alone
Still Harder
Getting up, getting dressed, livin’ with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart
That I left unspoken

What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say (much to say)
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do, oh.

What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say (to say)
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do

Not seeing that loving you
That’s what I was trying to do

I don't want to lost someone important to me...

You're So Cute a.k.a Neo Gwiyeopda

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Have you ever wonder if you're cute or not actually? Because someone just saying, awwww.. you're so cute.

This is not about me. I just want to share this music video where featuring Song Ji Hyo. Song Ji Hyo, as you guys know, she's a fixed member in Running Man-Korean gameshow. She also sing in this MV using Hangul and Taiwan Mandarin.

Kenji Wu, popular Taiwanese singer :D Love his voice in this MV~ Owh my.. Sweet... and know what? He and Song Ji Hyo not only make MV together but also acting together in a movie called 708090. Its a romantic movie, and I don't think they have release it because I cannot find it.

Who say Song Ji Hyo cannot sing? Me?? ahahaha.. yups its me.. but in this MV seriously her voice was so cuteeee :D Go Mong Ji Hyo!!!

Anyway, enjoy this cutie cute kyeopta MV. It's so adorable!!!

How was it? Cute Right? You can't deny it!!! Ahahahaha XDD

Love Story of Red Riding Hood (Part 3)

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Tanpa membuang masa, Kaylie memeluk rapat dan mencium Zayn lama sebelum menyuruh Zayn bersembunyi di sebalik pokok yang penuh dengan rimbunan semak.

Zayn yang berada dalam keadaan terkejut dan kebingungan atas tindakan drastik Kaylie menciumnya hanya menurut kata.

Zayn mengusap bibirnya yang masih dapat merasakan kehangatan saat dicium Kaylie. Ciuman yang pertama kali dia pernah rasai. Dapat dia rasakan degupan jantungnya kencang seperti gendang yang dipukul bertalu-talu. Satu perasaan aneh muncul dalam dirinya setelah sekian lama tidak merasakannya.

"Well oh well.. Lihat siapa yang kita jumpa Max, Jin."

Zayn yang masih terbuai-buai dengan perasaannya sedikit terkejut apabila terdengar suara garau seorang lelaki. 

Rasa ingin tahunya membuatkan dia menyelak sedikit rimbunan daun di hadapannya. Secara tidak sengaja, daun yang diselak secara perlahan bergerak-gerak seperti ada sesuatu yang bersembunyi.

"Siapa? Baik keluar, sebelum aku bunuh kau!" Max yang sememangnya peka dengan bunyi mula menjerit sambil mengugut.

Reaksi wajah Kaylie sudah gelabah, risau kalau Zayn ditangkap.

Tiba-tiba, ada seekor arnab putih keluar dari semak tempat persembunyian Zayn. Zayn menggunakan arnab yang ditangkapnya sebelum berjumpa dengan Kaylie sebagai umpan untuk mengelak dari dirinya disyaki bersembunyi.

Max mula mengeluh. "Arnab rupanya, I thought ada manusia"

Degupan jantung Kaylie dan Zayn bertambah kencang ketakutan kalau kiranya mereka bertiga mengetahui sememangnya ada manusia di situ.

"Max.. Jin.. Did you realize that there is a presence of human here. I means, smell of human," Zach bersuara sambil menghidu-hidu udara di situ. 

"Apa yang abang bertiga buat di sini? Selalunya, abang tak suka datang ke kawasan berdekatan dengan perumahan manusia," Kaylie cuba mengubah topik sebelum Zach dapat mengenal pasti dari mana datangnya bau manusia.

"Jadi, kau nak cakap yang di sini banyak manusia, jadi bau manusia sangatlah kuat. Begitu?"

Zach menggeleng-geleng kepalanya melihat Kaylie yang dalam ketakutan.

"Kau ingat aku bodoh? Nak percaya macam tu saja? Hidung aku ni sensitif dengan bau. Jadi aku boleh tahu ada manusia di sekitar kita sekarang ni," Zach tersenyum sinis dan bangga dengan kenyataannya sendiri.

Max dan Jin yang mendengar dan melihat riak muka berlagak Zach membuatkan mereka menyampah. Tak habis-habis nak berlagak kuat dan pandai. Huh...

"Woi, jawablah!" tengking Zach secara tiba-tiba. 

Zayn mengamati satu persatu wajah dan perilaku sepupu serigala Kaylie. Dalam kalangan sepupu Kaylie, Zach yang berambut light brown dengan mata yang tajam, dilihatnya seperti serigala ganas yang boleh membunuh dengan sekelip mata sahaja mangsa yang ada di hadapan matanya. 

Max dengan badannya yang kurus dan dagunya tajam. Jin dengan wajahnya yang lembut namun kelihatan berkarisma. Menurut pandangan Zayn, mereka berdua seolah-olah tidak seperti seekor serigala yang akan mencederakan manusia.

Zayn kembali menumpukan pemerhatiannya terhadap Zach dan Kaylie.

"Kaylie, cakap saja terus-terang. dari Kay kena marah tak pasal-pasal dengan Zach ni. Jin tak suka bising-bising," Jin mula menyampuk.

Kaylie bermain-main dengan dengan tangannya yang kosong.

"Sebenarnya, memang ada manusia. Tapi, dah balik rumah dia," Kaylie memberitahu sepupunya.

Muka Max kelihatan marah. Dia menggenggam lengan Kaylie kuat. 

"Kau ni!!!"

Zach melepaskan genggaman tangannya dari mencengkam Kaylie.

"Kau buat apa dengan manusia tu tadi? Manusia tu kekasih kau ke?" 

Wajah Max dan Jin mula berubah saat mendengar tuduhan Zach terhadap Kaylie. Meraka terasa seperti dikhianati.

Walaupun ianya hanyalah satu tuduhan. Namun, kedudukan mereka terasa tergugat sekiranya Kaylie bergaul rapat dengan manusia. Sudah lupakah Kaylie, apa yang dilakukan oleh manusia terhadap mereka.

Dengan tergagap-gagap, Kaylie cuba menerangkan keadaan yang sebetulnya.

"Lelaki itu tadi membantu Kaylie keluar dari perangkap manusia pemburu. Kalau tak percaya, lihatlah kaki Kaylie," Kaylie menunjukkan luka kakinya yang telah disapu ubat oleh Zayn. Baginya, Zayn seorang manusia yang baik. Walaupun, itu adalah kali pertama mereka berjumpa.

"Kau dengar sini, Kaylie!"

"Aku tak nak nampak kau bergaul dengan manusia tu lagi. Kalau aku tahu, tahulah nasib lelaki tu. Kau takkan dapat jumpa lagi dengan dia," Zach mengugut Kaylie.

"Owh, tidak. Kita tak patut buat macam tu. Betul tak, Max? Jin?" Zach tersenyum sinis.

Max yang terpinga-pinga tidak faham apa yang dimaksudkan oleh abang sulungnya mula menggaru-garu kepalanya yang tak gatal.

"Zach, listen. Kau tak boleh buat macam tu. Lelaki tu tak buat salah apa pun. Dia yang selamatkan adik sepupu kita," Jin cuba memujuk Zach setelah mengetahui maksud Zach.

"NO, means NO. Aku tekankan sekali lagi. Siapa yang bunuh ahli keluarga kita? Human? So?"

Zach berjalan dan duduk di atas batu besar bersebelahan dengan Max dan Jin.

"Aku terasa nak makan daging manusia sekarang ni," air liur Zach kelihatan mencurah-curah membayangkan daging manusia.

Bulu roma Zayn mula meremang. Apakah dia akan mati di situ juga? Tanpa sempat mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada semua ahli keluarganya? Apakah ahli keluarganya akan rindukan dia? Zayn mula membayangkan hayatnya tidak akan bertahan lama sekiranya dia masih berada di situ,

"For now, aku nak balik rumah dulu. Nak bayang kesedapan dan kerangupan daging manusia... Ahhhhhhhhhhh," Zach kelihatan tidak sabar untuk merasa daging manusia.

"Max, Jin.. Tunggu apa lagi? Jom balik. Biarkan budak mentah ni bersama dengan manusia kesayangannya sebelum lelaki tu masuk dalam perut kita. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha," Zach ketawa panjang.

Jin menoleh ke belakang melihat Kaylie sebelum pergi mengikut abang dan adiknya.

Kedengaran bunyi sahut-sahutan serigala seolah-olah menang dalam peperangan.

Setelah dipastikan semuanya selamat, Zayn keluar dari tempat persembunyian dan menerpa mendapatkan Kaylie yang kelihatan pucat.

-to be continue-

Sorry untuk pembaca yang sudi membaca cerpen yang Misaki buat ni sebab lambat nak post Part 3. Macammana untuk Part 3 ni? O.k tak? Nampak tak, betapa lemahnya gaya penulisan Misaki TT^TT. I'll try my best o.k untuk perbaik lagi :)

Anyway, what is your opinion about my short story, Madam Azfa? I hope this short story can be considered as free topic for today :) Thanks for reading it.

Guys, sorry for some scene involve kissing.. Hope you don't mind. So, for underage. I guess this is o.k?

My blog are not into posting sexual arousal. So, please be careful in using your word, when you leave a comment. Thanks.. Terima Kasih.. Arigato Gozaimasu~

Take Personality Test

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Have you ever wonder, what kind of personality you have actually? Did you know there are 16 personality type. You should know which one are you.


I take this personality test a few month ago and I got INFP personality. I take this personality test again and again and again to check my personality afraid that the first time I did this test too relax. The result is, I always get INFJ personality. 

At first, I thought I'm INFP person, and when I got INFJ everytime I take this test. I read all INFJ personalities. ITS ACCURATE dang it... SCARY!!!

So, I guess I'm really a weirdo XDD


26% Introverted - prefer solitary activities, think before speaking, get exhausted by social interaction

57% Intuitive - Imaginative, absorbed in ideas, rely in their intuition, focus on what might happen

56% Feeling - Sensitive, follow their heart, focus on harmony and cooperation

38% Judging - Decisive, prefer clear rules & guidelines, see deadlines as sacred, seek closure

92% Turbulent - Perfectionist, self-conscious, success-driven, care about their image


So, I'm rare species in this world. I admit that... Mwahahaha...







That's the result of my personality. How about your personality? Did you get the same result as me? Tell me what did you get in this comment section, I would like to know about you :D


How I Manage My Free Time

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Yohoa.. XD I'm here again with my blog updates for my assignment as Madam Azfa asking for :)

1. Audit your time. Share with me on what you did yesterday.

2. Also share on how you manages your free time.
Oh my God... I'm someone with short term memory.. I can't help it. How can I audit my time for yesterday, if I can't even remember what colour of shirt I wear last night. Hurmm.. but, I will try my best... Ahahaha...

14  April 2015 (Audit Time)

1:00 a.m: I wake up after sleep for 5 hours. Open financial (FIN533) past year question to study.

1:15 a.m: I turn on my laptop and open GOM Player and play some music because I feel so bored. Then, continue my study again..

4:00 a.m: Stop study. Iron my cloth for my class in 8:00 a.m. After that, get ready to sleep. Set my alarm 6:30 a.m so that I didn't forget to pray.

6: 30 a.m: My alarm ring so loudly so I just press snooze.

6:40 a.m: Get ready to Subuh pray and go back to sleep, since my class start at 10:00 a.m yesterday.

9:30 a.m: Wake up and get ready go to class.

9:45 a.m: UiTM bus come...

10:00 a.m: In class for subject MKT 420 - Principles of Marketing

11:00 a.m: In class for subject FIN 533 - Financial

12:00 noon: Lunch with friends - Jie, Hafiz, Finas, Adi, Fadh at Cafe

12.50 noon: Study FIN 533 in library with them, because there is Test 1

2:30 p.m: Zohor pray

2:45 p.m: Study again until 5:20 p.m

5:40 p.m: Asar Pray at Academic Musollah

6:00 p.m: Meeting with member, friends and lecturer to discuss about community service activity and distribute task to each teams.

7:00 p.m: Ongoing to Malinja College for FIN 533 Test 1

7:30 p.m: Maghrib Prayer with jemaah

8:30 p.m: Madam ask all of us to move into Dewan Sarjana 2 because there was a blackout

After that, I can't remember what I've done...

10:30 a.m: I still didn't finish my answer for FIN 533 but Madam want to collect answer so I stop writing and ignore the fact that I'm late

10:40 a.m: Dinner with friends - Hafiz, Auni, Fadhliah, Qilah, Eyda, Abe, Yen, Syuk, Fuad, Jihadi

11:00 a.m: Hafiz sent me home

11:30 a.m: Isyak Pray and do product assignment - logo, brochure, appendix and ELC 500 slide presentation

6: 20 a.m: Go to sleep after Subuh pray (class start at 10:00 a.m)

That's all what I did for yesterday. Just a routine with fit schedule. 

My Activities During My Leisure and Bored Day

If I don't have any assignment, homework or the need to study. I do something else to fill my free time.

I'm gonna list activity that I do to fill my leisure time or my bored day (Activity changes according to my mood on that day) :

1. Read English books/novel

2. Singing in English with my random song (not a popular song, but my own song)

3. Write short essay

4. Drawing or sketching

5. Watch anime/Japanese cartoon

6. Facebook

7. Update moment in WeChat

8. Read manga/Japanese comic

9. Listen to Metal or Sad song or Kpop or Jpop or Vocaloid song

10. Edit some photo (Photoshop and Photoscape)

11. Skipping

12. Do personality quiz

13. Streaming movie or gameshow or drama

14. Organize my file in computer

15. Clean my study table/desk

16. Sleep

17. Blogging

18. Watch Pewdiepie

19. Daydreaming

How I Manage My Time

Refer on Better Time Management-Life Hack... I just realize that, some of its list I did it sometime so I manage my time. It just that, I didn't do it frequently anymore. Its more like I spend my time without manage it.

1. Write class scheduled, so I didn't rush up and forget when is the class and where does the class?)

2. Wearing wristwatch so that I didn't spend m time on something too long (but lately I didn't have any wristwatch... my sis take it)

3. To do list (I always make this if the deadline is tomorrow or next two day, so I didn't forget anything to do or bring)

4. List assignment deadline (especially when I'm in a group project, its better if I list the deadline)

5. Target to be on time or early (I always keep in my mind to be early and be the first in class-even though my performance not that good.. yeahh I know..)

6. Set reminder (I always did this before, but now... It just that.. I feel so lazy just to type it)

Just that... I don't think I manage my time correctly and wisely. Just looks at my activity when I bored and when I had leisure time, free time. I tend to fill it with fun activity which is most of its wasted only for entertainment and sleep all day XD

I can't help it. 

I wish there is a chocolate where, when you eat it. You become hardworking and happy while doing job, task, homework, study... So, I'll not wasting all of my times in entertainment stuff (actually its not that bad if you can handle between work and interest)

Hopefully you enjoy my post for today :) See ya~ Ciaossu XDD

Facts About Me

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I already wrote so many facts about me. I write this again today because this is my assignment given by my lecturer, Madam Azfa.

I'm really glad that she give this task individually, so I had a reason to update blog. Yeah, I know.. Thanks you for coming, drop in my blog and comment. I really appreciate that. :) Even though I only read your post without leave any comment or chat with you... Sorry...

So, today... what Madam Azfa ask me to do is that:
Introduction about yourself , your strength and your weaknesses

What are your plans and where will you be in the next 5 years. Share as well what are the things which you are currently doing to ensure that your plans will work.

Write about your family and close relatives.
I'm gonna re-write some of my facts that I already post before this and new facts. Maybe?? You know people change everyday :)

Real name: Nur Syuhada binti Zaidi

Nickname: Syu | Misaki | Yuki | Hikari | Yong | Junkyo (I use most.. Yong, Misaki and Syu as my nickname)

Born: In Miri, Sarawak but Kedah person :)

Age: Officially 22 (this August, I will be 23)

My Bachelor Degree in Marketing friend asking me the meaning of Misaki and why I use Misaki. Actually, its because of I like Misaki character in anime/Japanese cartoon. Its a popular name in Japan. It has a beautiful meaning. You might laugh if I say this.

Misaki means Beautiful Blossom (Mi = Beautiful, Saki= Blossom)

If someone call me Misaki its like praying me to be beautiful.. and I like my real name Syuhada. Its means Allah Witness or someone who's syahid. Aamiin... Even though my character is not the same, and I'm a bad person. I wish whenever someone call me Syuhada, I will have characters like one's of Syahid.. aamiin..  (So, both names give a beautiful meaning right?) hehehe ^__^

Love: Cute and fluffy stuff, anime, manga, J-pop, K-pop, T-pop, C-pop, Running Man, Korean Gameshow, Japan Gameshow, Drama/Movie (Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Hindustan and Tamil), nature, blue & grey colour, sky, star, sound of rain, small cactus, flower (tulip, forget me not, daisy, lavender), singing, sleeping, drawing, writing fan-fic and ghost story, love volleyball + basketball + rounders (sport)...

Hate:  I don't like racist people, people who doesn't respect other belief... I don't like insect~ I don't like poisonous animal~ I don't like fish~ BUT I love cute fluffy animal~


1. I'm Kpoperz (someone who love to listen Korean song)

2. I'm Jpopers (someone who love to listen Japanese song)

3. I'm Otaku (1. someone who's obsesses with anime/Japanese cartoon, 2. obsess with vocaloid/singing voice synthesizer a.k.a piece of software that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody, 3. obsess with manga/Japanese comic)

4. I'm Gamers (I love to play game RPG - Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.. but I stop play game for a while.. No money and need to focus on study)


1. I can watch every kind of drama. Whatever language it is. Since I love to learn other people language. 

2. I can sketch and love to sketch even if I'm not a pro.

3. I love to write short story and fan fiction.

4. I can play and edit a little bit blog with simple coding.

5. I love to play all kind of sport even if I'm not good.

6. I love to read novel, manga/Japanese comic, motivational books, religious book

7. I'm not afraid sleep in the dark.

8. I'm punctual in meeting someone.

9. Easy to forgive and forget. I can forgive someone easily since I'm easy to forget. 

10. Love to help someone in my capabilities. Free in charge.. Mwahahaha...


1. I'm an otaku. Being an otaku/someone who obsess with something bother me because sometime its become a barrier while I'm doing some task.

2. Procrastinate. I always procrastinate while doing my job. TT^TT 

3. Easy to get offend, sensitive and easy to cry. If someone angry and yelling at me, I might get angry back or sometime I will cry. Everytime I watch drama, movie, anime, and some inspiration, touching and cute video I can cry easily. I can't control it. 

4. I don't like busy place. Seriously.. :'( Wedding ceremony, clinic, hospital, shopping mall, street and anywhere with human. Except if its a place like zoo, aquarium.. :)

5. I don't like go to bank or any other place where I need to be formal and silent.

6. I'm easy to get bored by something that's why I have many interest so if I bored with that, I will use another ways.

7. I'm so weak again pouting face. If someone ask me something and make face like that.. Seriously.. I give up.. I feel sorry TT^TT

8. I don't like to eat vegetable. Erghh.. That taste, I still remember... :'( 

9. I don't like to eat all type of fish except anchovy, catfish, "ikan kembung"... Other than that.. I can't.. Fish face sometimes so scary.. and just to touch it I feel weird.. Ahahaha.. 

10. I don't like to eat seafood except octopus, squid... I really don't like prawn.. All kind of its..

11. I can change my mind easily. Such as.. I can eat ikan kembung if I see someone I like eat it or the situation at that time ask me to eat it. I will eat it and finally like it.

12. I easy to forget something. Everything not important, I will skip it from my memories. Maybe that's the reason. TT^TT

13. Daydream person. Even if I'm with someone, I can be in my own world dreaming something. Imagine something. I know its bad. TT^TT

14. Easy to like someone but at the same time easy to not like someone. 

15. Easy to get distract by something.

16. I don't know how to interact with elders and kids or baby.

17. I'm a completely WEIRDO. I love to talk with my ownself. Just talk to myself. There is no other identities I create or what. It's happen because I feel bored and someone I want to talk busy with something else. Ahahaha.. (I'm normal person but WEIRDO person at the same time) I don't know how to explain. Ahaha..

18. Always stay up late doing unnecessary thing.
Wohoaaa... I guess I had too many weaknesses.. :'(
Plan Next 5 Year:

1. At that time I must make sure I already travel to Makkah, Japan and Philippine.

2. I want to be a teacher during that time.

3. A mystery writer.

4. At the same time had my own boutique.
and planning to be a more better person in dunia and akhirat.. aamiin..

5. I can read and understand Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog and Japanese during that time.
What Did I Do In Order to Ensure My Plan for Future Going Well:

1. I already make a plan with my friend, when I'm age 27. We will go to Japan and travel all of Japan. So, I'm saving money right now. Hopefully XD

2. Sometime I learn Filipino-Tagalog language just by books. Maybe I should take some class?? I don't have time right now TT^TT

3. I plan to have my Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management and get a Dean list.. aamiin..

4. Planning to learn sewing maybe after next semester.

5. Planning go to Tahfiz. I don't know when, buts its already in my plan. Just not now.

6. Currently, study SMART :D ahahaha XD 

7. To be a mystery writer, during my free time.. I write some short story in English and Malay.
Facts About My Family & I:

1. I had mom and dad who are both a teacher :)

2. I love my mom more.. mwahahaha.. abah.. sorry TT^TT I love you too but ibu wins more XD

3. I had 8 sibling and I'm the eldest.

4. Sibling (4 girls, 4 boys)

5. I had a same interest with my sibling Uda (the only sis that wearing purple hijab), Busu (the one with dark purple baju Melayu) and Auni (the chubby one and wearing orange hijab). All three of them watch korean drama, anime/Japanese cartoon and anything that I watch. 

6. I sometime can't control my anger toward my youngest sister, Auni and youngers brother, Achik.
7. I only had one grandma on my abah side. I really miss my grandpa and grandma who's not here anymore. It just time is too short. Awwww.. this make me cry.. :'( I wish Allah always bless all of them.. aamiin..

8. I cannot consider I had a close relationship with my parents since I cannot act like my sis, Uda toward my mom and dad. But, I really love them so much that I cried imagine if I'm alone without them beside me. Family are more special than other people. Even my anime/Japanese cartoon can't win that.

9. My abah and my ibu always busy even during their weekend TT^TT

10. I love my mom's cooking.. hehehe.. Love you ibu... :)

11. My sis always borrow my thing even without permission and I just allow her.. but when its come to her, "No, don't touch that" Seriouslly? Ahahaha.. I need to make some pout face so she will agree :)

12. I love to talk non stop with my sis, Uda. Topic by topic.. First Korea, Japan, manga, death case, mystery case, ghost story, anything.. 

13. I love to bother my mom, sis doing their work.. Ahahhaha...

14. I love to act idiot cute when I'm with my family so they can laugh and have a happy day. Ahahhaa..

15. My sis kind of jealous of me because, she thinks my mom and my dad love me more because I always act cute-even though I'm not cute, and make my parent laugh.. ahahaha..

16. I love all of my family member :) even though sometime we argue about something ^__^ Family is so special <3 <3 <3

I hope you enjoy, reading my confused explanation about my life. Its almost 11.30 p.m and I still didn't post this task you give it to me. Good night madam ^_^