All About Super Junior "Treasure With Us"

Misaki PureBlood | November 23, 2014 |
From 2005 (debut day) and now 2014 and for future.. Super Junior I always love you..
Dear my fellow friend EverlastingFriend (ELF) 

Don't forget to buy All About Super Junior TREASURE WITHIN US will contain 6 DVDs totaling 378 minutes footage and special postcards. They will document the look of Super Junior since their debut.
Events include activities from debut to present, raw footage from various music video filmings, Super Show 4 behind the scenes, the 7th anniversary party with ELF, the stories at the SBS Inkigayo stage and other activities, scenes of enjoying a vacation at the city centre, live cooking competition, stories between members etc. (Its provided with English sub)

The DVD was released on July 28 2014 while the DVD preview (photobook) was released prior to that on the 21st. (I'm not yet buying.. TT^TT but I MUST and WILL but they said its limited edition)

Credit Here: 

DVD 1 (English sub)

DVD 2 (English sub)

DVD 3 (English sub)

DVD 4 (English sub)

DVD 5 (English sub)

I can't find the DVD 6 (English sub) Anyway, don't just watch online.. Don't forget to buy it :) 

I enjoy watching this since I always love you, Super Junior.. You guys are the best among the best!!! ~Saranghaeyo~


  1. super junior dulu df layan. sekarang kurang dah. layan GG jhahaha

    1. alah TT^TT DF.. You should watch this :D
      awww... tatau nak explain camana, Misaki kpoperz tapi kalau ank kata no.1 fans utk Super Junior <3 <3 <3

      GG dah kurang sikit lepas Jessica keluar :'( (tapi still suka cuma kurang selesa)

      group lain after Super Junior yg selalu dengar lagu diaorang: BTOB, MBLAQ, BEAST, ZE: A, B1A4, BLOCK B, and terbaru BTS...

  2. Kenapa la diorang ni handsome sangat eh?

    1. ahahaha yg mana satu yg nad berkenan? XD

  3. Aaaaaaaa, Suju! Thanks for sharing this. Nak tengok secara online dulu lepas finals nanti.

    1. Your most welcome :D

      alright good luck finals :D

      pst: Ranking MAMA 2014 sekarang nih Super Junior top 1 dalam Best Male Group and Union Pay wuhuuu.... :) Happy ^__^ sbb EXO dah turun.. negehehe...

  4. Replies
    1. yupsie and bila MAMA 2014 Super Junior tak memang rasa frust ya amat TT^TT

      alamak V.I.P... :D

  5. dulu minat sekarang dah kurang..hehe^^
    bias siwon ngn yesung.

    1. Misaki dari dulu sampai sekarang setia dengan Super Junior.. whatever happen to them.. :)

      owh owh.. orang suka sangat Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun.. :D

    2. alamak lupa sorang lagi, Ryeowook :D chibi tan XDD