Cute Bedroom Ideas

Misaki PureBlood | November 26, 2014 | 29 Whisper so far

Yeah, I wish I had cute bedroom like this TT^TT 

Important thing in my room (In My Future) :
1. Wooden Bed
2. Wooden Floor
3. Computer (Gaming)
4. Bookshelves (at least 3-big) for manga, magazine, DVD & CD, education, religion and motivation book
5. Fluffy Carpet
6. Desk and Chair
7. Bench Window Seat - so  can relax myself there while listening to mp3 or read some book
8. Wall paint with blue sky
9. All furniture in my room must be white/wooden/blue sky/soft green
10. Flower & Plant (lavender or tulip or bluebell or peppermint or cactus or daisy, cherry tomato, anything as long as my favourite flower)

Or if its simple room but nice and traditional, I prefer my bedroom with simple wooden wardrobe and sleep with futon :3 Its comfortable and warm mwehehehe XDD

I really want this kind of room :) Warm~

Credit image/picture to the owner (picture not mine)

Tutorial Guest Account Password (Window 7)

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(Kyaaaa... Kaichou!!! You're so cute pouting like that, mwehehehe)

Anyone wonder, how to set password for quest account in Window 7 (Idk if this can be apply to Window 8, Vista, Mac, etc)

As you know, we can't set any password for guest account. Go to control panel and try yourself. Can't right?

So here, I provide the solution:

(Click Image to Enlarge)

1. Go to START and type Run and press Enter

2. Type control userpasswords2 and press Enter or click OK

3. Choose account with group Guest and click Reset Passwords...

4. Just fill in the password.

You also can use this way to change your account type from standard account a.k.a user account to guest account or otherwise. Also can change guest account name.

What is this account???

Administrator account: Have full access to computer and c an make any desired changes.

Standard User account a.k.a User account: can use most software and change system setting without affecting other users.

Guest account: Have the same excess as the User member but more restricted.

Its means that:

Administrator > Standard User > Guest


All About Super Junior "Treasure With Us"

Misaki PureBlood | November 23, 2014 | 13 Whisper so far
From 2005 (debut day) and now 2014 and for future.. Super Junior I always love you..
Dear my fellow friend EverlastingFriend (ELF) 

Don't forget to buy All About Super Junior TREASURE WITHIN US will contain 6 DVDs totaling 378 minutes footage and special postcards. They will document the look of Super Junior since their debut.
Events include activities from debut to present, raw footage from various music video filmings, Super Show 4 behind the scenes, the 7th anniversary party with ELF, the stories at the SBS Inkigayo stage and other activities, scenes of enjoying a vacation at the city centre, live cooking competition, stories between members etc. (Its provided with English sub)

The DVD was released on July 28 2014 while the DVD preview (photobook) was released prior to that on the 21st. (I'm not yet buying.. TT^TT but I MUST and WILL but they said its limited edition)

Credit Here: 

DVD 1 (English sub)

DVD 2 (English sub)

DVD 3 (English sub)

DVD 4 (English sub)

DVD 5 (English sub)

I can't find the DVD 6 (English sub) Anyway, don't just watch online.. Don't forget to buy it :) 

I enjoy watching this since I always love you, Super Junior.. You guys are the best among the best!!! ~Saranghaeyo~


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From left: Jackson (Yi YangQianXi) , Karry (Wang JunKai) , Roy (Wang Yuan)

Ada siapa yang tak kenal TFBOYS? TFBOYS debut tahun lepas (Misaki baru tahu pasal diorang tahun ni) TFBOYS a.k.a The Fighting Boys, Chinese young boys group. Kiranya Misaki nih dalam mode pedo's mwahahahaha XDD

Haritu masa pergi Jitra nak beli barang, ternampak headphone dengan gambar diorang mwahahaha XDD (Misaki beli earphone One Piece-Chopper)

Misaki suka diorang even though diorang budak 1999 and 2000 mwahahahaha... Misaki suka sangat dekat Wang Yuan.. Suara dia cute ^___^

First Misaki dengar lagu TFBOYS:

Seriously so cute!!! Wang Yuan looks alike ZE:A Siwan + B1A4 Baro...

Pastu Misaki try dengar lagu diorang yang tahun 2014 yang lain:

魔法城堡 (Magic Castle)

幸运符号 (Lucky Symbol)

信仰之名 (In The Name of Faith)

Lagu terbaru and in this MV, they tell about their debut days and how hard they survive... Don't give up TFBOYS!!! (I can't find any translation/English lyric online) Just search and translate by yourself wokie? :)

O.k, jangan start jadi pedo's lepas tengok budak yang comel macam ni... :D Mwahahahaha.. Anyway, I hope that diorang akan kekal active sampai dewasa.. ^___^ and buat yang bash diorang.. Diorang still a kid o.k? They still learning.. :) Like you can do better? (evil laugh) ahahahahahhahaha...


Misaki PureBlood | November 21, 2014 | 12 Whisper so far
Yosh, entry pasal DIY nih cepat-cepat Misaki post sebab rasa bersalah post lagu BTS-War of Hormone time hari Jumaat TT^TT (Hari-hari lain pun tak elok, yeah-yeah.. I know) TT^TT

Anyway, Misaki nak share favourite DIY message board & calender board. Tahun depan kena buat benda nih ^___^

Which one is the best? Which one you like the most? :)