My 8th Liebster Award

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Liebster Award Rule:

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential (should I or should I not? Maybe not) Ahahaha..
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer (since I didn't nominate anyone, so its a nah) 
  • Notify your nominate (Don't have anyone to notify, ahahaha)

Arigato gozaimasu tag me XDD

My previous Liebster Award:

1. Have you ever feel like "you" were abandoned?

Yups, Indeed... Sometime, when I'm around with someone.. even though at first I'm happy laughing with them, if I can't continue make someone laugh I feel like I'm abandoned and be isolated alone TT^TT (no one have ever abandoned me) it just me myself, feel like that XDD

2. What do you want? (hountouni want * nak sangat)

What I really want the most (if its not an item like Alienware laptop) I really wanna be a person with a good heart and innocent as a baby and never ever tainted by sins and I really wish that human in this world not killing each other. So that all of we can be in the same place one day... InsyaAllah...

3. You already seen my blog right? What do you think of me?

You're an OTAKU!!! XDD Ahahaha 

One more thing, I think that you looks so matured compared to your age (since I always act childish) and the way you write in your blog seems like so.. Is it true? :D

4. How did  you express your feelings?

What kind of feeling? Ahahaha XD If its love.. Ommo.. I'm afraid its too much.. I'm just gonna rolling on my bed like Sakura and imagine about it.. 

If its not about soulmate thing, I always express myself by my voice, expression face and writing. If I'm happy be with someone, I always talk loud and sometime I control my voice and make it cute if I want something from my mom (even though I'm not that kind to make cute voice and face) and yeah most of the time, if I love something or dislike something I will post it on Facebook and blog to share my feeling.. Ahahaha XD

5. What do you think if an otaku meet a kpoper and a directioner?

Some otaku will be like this (hating on kpoperz and directioner)

Some otaku will get excited since both have the same interest (if that otaku also kpoperz or maybe directioner)

Well at least, its not otaku meet belieber XDD Ahahahahahaha...

6. Do you Love to draw? if you do, why? if you don't then why?

I love to draw, even though my drawing is bad. Since I feel ease if I draw. When I bored with class, drawing help me from sleeping. Another reason, I want to draw someone I like someday (that's why I can't stop drawing) Ahahahaha..

7. Babies or children ? which one do you most prefer to take care of? Why?

I don't want to choose ahahahaha... but, if the baby or the kid looks like Kiseki No Sedai mwahahahaha XD I'll happy take care of them.. ahahahaha...

8. Type of song that you like?

I listen to all kind of music, but I love music that can soothe my feeling, happy, sad, and sometime make me head bang~ XDD

I always listen to ballad, rock, metal, vocaloid, pop :3 (Korean, Japan, Thailand, Chinese, Mandarin, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia) 

I love The Beatles, Owl City, P. Ramlee, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Taylor Swift, Dave Days, Halfway to Hollywood, Starset, Achik Spin, Ella, Letto, Armada, Korn and etc...

9. Whats on your mind right now? (random. no thinking on this time) Honest please~

Uwarghhh.... Gomenasai :'( I thinking too much... My mind full of various of thing ahahaha XDD

10. If you have 'travel' all of my blog, since when I'm an Otaku? If you don't, what was your expression and thought when the first time you took a look of my blog?

Owh no... >__< I didn't know since when you're an Otaku.. TT^TT since when? :3 Of course I love your blog!!! ahahaha Otaku blog are always welcomes :3 (kpoperz and normal blogger too) ahaha...

11. What type my blog when the first time you get in.(zaman purple dulu / zaman hijau skang ni). What do you think of my blog. Comment my blog ..Onegai! (please) and be Honest please~

Zaman purple dulu :D This blog...

I love your current blog :D since its looks like my blog and Shiro Usagi blog (before I use this blogskin) Its my favie skin though~ :3

Its not that I don't like your purple blog TT^TT or doodles you make. Hehehe :)

(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

I Wanna Own This! In My Garden and My Own Room

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There are some flower that I would love to have in my own garden one day and I wish that any one of this plant or flower in my room next year~

I'm not Rose fans. XD So, if you wanna send me flower gift me this k :D Ahahahahahahahaha (Quit it, who gonna send you one?) Mwahahaha

I wish you guys like this flower too~

Source: Flickr


Source: Imgfave + Popbyyaz


Source: MahoneysGarden + Feralkitchen


Source: Stacy


Source: Favim + Pinterest


Source: Tumblr + Cactus Jungle


Source: EXN + Curiosity Chronicles


Source: Jace Roxanne + Astrid Honey

Should I go with Cactus? Cherry Tomato? or? Hurmmmm It might take a long time to decide. If I got accepted for Bachelor Degree next year, I promise, I'll buy one of this~

The Maze Runner Cast Funny Moment

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Last week, I watch The Maze Runner movie (streaming) online of course. I did share the link with you guys just few second before. Here: Just click on it dude XD Scroll down at the bottom, you can see the link right? Just choose which one you want :P

So, right now, I'm going to share the The Maze Runner Cast Funny Moment that I watch last week after I watch the movie :3

 (Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

 Part 4

Part 5

and this one one THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Interview!! : Todd's Blog (SO FUNNY)

What I'm gonna say, I really fall in love again and again with Thomas Brodie-Sangster... Oh come on, don't make that face... XD He's so small and so cute... Awww.. I feel like I want to eat him.. bwahahaha O.k joke just a joke. I want to kidnap him and keep it mine.. Ahahahaha XDD

That's him!!! 

Thomas when he's still kiddos~ (He's not even aged!!!) XD

O.k now, make a good plan on how to kidnap him.. Mwahahahaha

I also fall in love with Will Poulter. Awwww.. He's so cute!!! Stahp acting cute man!!! You're so adorable... Mwahahaha especially with that accents >3< (Remember that scene in We're The Millers?) That was so fun!! XD

Look at how Poulter laugh LOL XDDD He laugh so hard and funny :D Like it XD

Image from: Rebloggy-Freshgreenie

Oh my, Kaya tease Thomas.. Look at him.. the horror that happen after he realize what he did.. Ahahaha.. Kaya you're so cute :3 I love how Kaya laugh.. Its unique and beautiful.. :D hehehe.. Kaya you really wanna show that vid? Seriously? :D


Watch Full Vid Here:

Last but not least, I love to see Dylan. He's so weird.. so funny.. so blur? so crazy!!!! Ahahahaha XD If you watch Teen Wolf, you MUST know him lol XDD (I watch only few episode since most of the time I spend with manga and anime) Ahahahaha XD

He winks!!!! Oh.. Collapse!!! XDD

I love Dylan with bit facial hair in his face. He looks like some wolf??? Mwahahaha XDD Sometime, whe he smile, he make me remind of Ian Somerhalder (O.K, I really love Ian especially after I watch vampire Diaries)

Image from: Rebloggy-DailyGladers

Watch Full Vid Here:

Watch this one, Dylan completely Zoning out!!! LOL this is so funny!!! Look what he did to Thomas XD
Both of them to adorable... Awwwww~

This one.. was so hilarious!!! And looks who survive this game.. bwahahaha.. Thomas so cute here.. ahahaha XDD

Its Ki Hong Lee youtube channel~ SUBSCRIBE XDD Ki Hong Lee as Minho while Will Poulter as Gally in The Maze Runner. The look at comment in YouTube and respond. The funny thing is that the way Poulter make that pow thing!! XD

and this moment:

I was like Seriously???!!! You guys!! Both of them my favie character too!!!   
First Newt (Thomas) Second Chuck (Blake Cooper-the one with cute smile and bit chubby) XDD Ahahahaha... 

Pst:/ Sorry guys, I completely fan-girling today.. Ahahahaha XD