Tutorial Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme

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Yoa minna XDD Today, I'm gonna give you tutorial: How To Make Own Chrome Theme Using Your Wallpaper. 

Google Theme Creator (Tutorial 1)
1. Go to ThemeBeta

2. Click upload an image

As you can see, I use Ace, Sabo, Luffy (One Piece sworn brother) wallpaper

3. Click generate colour

Did you see the difference? No? Look at the tab frame and toolbar. The colour is different right? :D It will generate the best colour to suit your image

3. Click pack and install (it will appear continue or discard, choose continue)

After that, click add

4. Jajaaannnnn... Finally your own theme... It will look like this:

OMG, beautiful right? Luffy on Ace backkk.. awwww~ I miss Ace TT^TT cry~

Google Theme Creator (Tutorial 2)
1. Same as first tutorial:

First: Upload new Image. Second: Generate Colour.

2. Click image tab

Before Click

After Click

3. Change the frame into image frame


After (I used the same image background) Can you see the differ before and after? :D

4. If you want, you can change tab background into image. You also can use frame overlay. (I didn't use this two)

5. NTP Attribution (depend on you, you can use it for logo, credit theme from you or etc)

Can you see Luffy on the bottom right corner (Please reduce the size image first and its more better if you render that image |transparent the background|)

6. Next, go to colour tab

Just change it according your taste~

7. Click pack and install (it will appear continue or discard, choose continue)


How's that? Cool isn't it? No need to frustrated and stress if you didn't find chrome theme that you want. 

You can make it yourself :D

Good Luck~


  1. Ohh nice tutorial.. and wow its Luffy and the brothers wallpaper!

  2. ahaha thanks yoa XD

    try le weyh XD

    yups.. 3 brothers.. everytime I think about 3 of them, I will cry huhu.. especially if I see Luffy cry over Ace, and Sabo sad face.. Ace say thanks for eveything to Luffy.. uwaaaaaaaa...... why Oda sensei.. why TT^TT

    sori weyh teremo lak XD

  3. Huhu Ace is such a strong character if he didn't die probably he will be Pirate king xD Kan White Beard nk jadikan dia Pirate King..
    Episode baru ni Abang dia Sabo pula punya scene..

  4. tu lah TT^TT but someone who's not here anymore can't come back alive.. One Piece not like Naruto TT^TT
    Ikr.. I believe that he might be Pirate King :'( too sad to remember that Whitebeard and he's not here anymore.. tapi tulah.. maybe tuh akan ajikan Luffy kuat bila dia hilang someone yg dia sayang TT^TT
    betul2.. ak baca yg manga, masa Sabo dapat mera mera no mi... ak menangis gile tau tak weyh...
    teringat masa diaorang 3 org sama2 masa kecik TT^TT
    rasa macam Ace ada dengan diaorang time tuh.. rasa cam Ace sebati dalam badan Sabo :D

    ko tak nangis ke weyh? :D

  5. Nak nangis guane.. scene tu scene yg happy xD Tapi manga tak feeling sgt mcm anime.. mungkin boleh meleleh air mata kalau tgk scene tu bila keluar dlm anime nnti..

  6. weyhhh.. aku terharu, sebab tuh ak nangis.. sbb sedih ace takde and dalm masa yg saama sabo sibling dia dapat buah tuh.. tuh sebabnya TT^TT
    ha'ah betul, fanga tak feeling mcm anime sgt, sebb manga kann hitam putih, tambah action manga selalunya serabut, kalau takda warna mmg takleh nak feeling lah...

    tu ar TT^TT

    dalam anime yg menangis masa part luffy terkejut jumpa sabo.. itu mmg ak nangis.. sbb dia tak sangka yg sabo hidup.. ahaha..
    sape baca manga dia tahulah yg sabo hidup, ak start baca manga dia lepas episdod brapa tah.. sampai dressrosa ni lah XD tapi serius kureng sikit feeling nak baca action manga nih ahaha

    tak sabarnya weyh ahaha

  7. fuyyohhh boleh letak gambar conan lepas ni ahhahaa

  8. Benda paling sedih adalah Ace tak tahu pun Sabo terselamat .

  9. @DF: ahaha lepas nih try lah buh gambar Conan yg lawa2 :3 hehe

    @Azwar: cubalah XDD hehe..

    @Ultraman: TT^TT mmg sedih gile yg tuh... menangis dah nih bila ingat balik.. dia tak sempat dgn Ace TT^TT
    uwaaaaaa..... tapi skrg nih dia dah ada kuasa Ace, takpelah.. :'( (still sedih jugak) uhuhuhu

  10. lawa! nk buat wallpaper google chrome cmni gak tpi takut kommputer jadi berat T^T

  11. @Mazni :D tak beratlah :3 dia takkan beratkan laptop or google pun XD serius no effect ^__^