Jessica No Longer SNSD Member

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NO WAY!!! Are you kidding me right now???!!!

SNSD gonna promote themselves with 8 members only??? WAEYO!!!

Why this kind of thing happen?

Is this REAL?


Someone even update the Wikipedia saying that Jessica is no longer SNSD member. What the heck wast that? Someone care to explain whether this is the truth or not?





My 7th Liebster Award

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Liebster Award Rule:

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential (I nominate new follower) Ahahaha..
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
  • Notify your nominate

Arigato gozaimasu tag me XDD

Soleh S a.k.a Don :

My previous Liebster Award:

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 1. Who is the person you look up to when you growing? Why.

I always look up upon anyone whether its real or not as long as the character always show high enthusiasm, playful, hardworking.. Someone who give me vitamin in my life.

2. What is your favourite book(s)? Reason.

Currently, I don't have favourite book except manga. Can it consider as books? Ahahaha... but.. before this I love Gemersik Kalbu novel, Sweet Sour novel, Skeleton Creek novel and Hanya Dikau novel.

# Gemersik Kalbu because I feel the pain when I read it.
# Sweet Sour kind of romance whenever I read it ahahaha.. That heroes was so romantic~ (even though he's smoking) XDD
# Skeleton Creek is ghost mystery novel. You should read this one :D Its good. ^__^ (I don't remember what happen though) ahahaha..
# Hanya Dikau romantic comedy relationship~ Ahahaha.. The heroin is older than hero. Their meeting fate was so funny.. XD (So hard to find this novel... TT^TT)

3. When the first time you learn to read? Tell me one funny experience.

Ahahaha... don't oh please don't.. before this, in kindergarten.. one of this fierce teacher (woman) asking me to read ABC.. and I ignore her.. because I don't want to.. She make face like she's angry with me.. Idk what happen afterward.. but what I know.. I really can't remember the exact time I read something.. newspaper? story book? I don't know.. I only remember I can recite Iqra and Quran and read Jawi. (what age I start recite? hurmmm I can't remember TT^TT)

4. Would you suggest a good book for me to read?

Skeleton Creek (not only you can read, you can visit their web to watch the video happen in the Skeleton Creek)

The Fault in Our Star (I didn't read this yet but my friend say its good book to read)

5. Where is Niagara Falls? (a..a. no peeking thru Google)

US-Canada (not Google but stalk Farah blog) sorry ahaha.. before this Farah already mention she went there but I forgot the exact place~

Second :

6. What book gave the most impression & change the view in your life?

Skip beat manga!!! (still ongoing)

Beniiro Hero a.k.a Crimson Hero (Volleyball manga)

7. Special character(s) that reflect you the most? Be it in anime, movie, books... anything.

Idk what should I say about this but most character in anime or manga is what I wanna be but I think 80% Konata in  Lucky Star really same like me. Ahahaha..

8. When did you first fall in love? (crush, admirer...whatever)

Errr... First crush and last human crush, when I'm form 4. He's so bright and have pale white skin~ but right now, I tend to like someone with villain eyes, sleepy eyes, fierce eyes with beach skin and they not even REAL~ TT^TT

9. What is your favourite color. A story behind it?

Blue... because I love the blue sky colour.. it was so beautiful. I feel like the sky always with me, that's why I start to like blue colour. 

10. Can you describe me in three words. How did you find my blog?

I follow you in Google + but didn't find a clue what is your blog and then you post comment in my blog with blog link. That's the first time I visit your blog :D

In 3 word you're: Lively, Nice, Bookworm 

Hehehe ^__^

11. What kind of work you do for a living? 

Nothing~ Normal life but no study, no job~ Unemployed right now~ TT^TT Just helping my mom do house chores~ TT^TT

and most of the time sleeping~



1. How old were you when you first got your phone? 
2. Last time you had a nightmare what was that about?
3. If you could had a power to travel through the past, what event you wanna change the most?
4. Would you like your partner to be the one who prepare the meals or you yourself?
5. Did you often have sleep paralysis?
6. Give me 1 of your weakness or 1 of your strength
7. Did you like it when someone else sip your water?
8. Can you forgive your friend if they betray you once?
9. Can you reconcile with your own enemy?
10. What number is your favourite?
11. What is the first thing you want, if you can have 3 wish?


Ultraman Wanyob:

Anyone else wanna me to tag? Ahahaha (I tag you Wanyob since you've never got Liebster award) :D

Second Versatile Blogger Award

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Versatile Award Rule:

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
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Thank you guys nominated me for this award :D

Nichi -
DF -
Shiro Usagi -

(but I'm not gonna nominate other blogger, since I think most blogger have done this XDD)

You can read my first Versatile Award here: 
7 Fact About Me :

7 Fact About Me:

1. Daydreaming person : Sometime, even when I'm with my friend or my family talking about something. I could fantasize something that might be happen in future. Something like I meet with my soulmate or something like I save someone and sometime I could imagine my favourite character in anime is alive XDD
(don't worry, I still can differ between real life and fantasy)

2. I love plaster : If I'm going out somewhere I will put some plaster on my finger especially on pointer finger and middle finger XD Its become a habit TT^TT (lately out of stock, I need to buy new plaster aid) XDD

3. I love blue colour, star and sky : This 3 thing, always in my important list. I wanna live somewhere where I can see beautiful sky and many star during night. (I'm afraid one day, these sky polluted, and we never ever can see the beautiful of nature)

4. Easy to forgive and forget : Yeah, my sis even admit it. One day, she angry with me because of something I could not remember (its not may fault, but  think at that time I really hurt by her word) and she said it next day "you will never mad at me even if that thing make you hurt since you'll forget about it the next day" I feel like I wanna punch on her face that time.. I said that to her.. Ahahaha.. She got me.. Erghh...

5. I don't like vegetables : What is so good with vegetable taste? Really? I try it but I can't except potatoes, carrot. Recently I try to eat tomatoes because influence by someone (not in real world, book character.. its not really book actually) ahahaha.. I think I can eat tomatoes bit by bit. For carrot, I need it to be soft, before eat it. Last vegetable I can accept is kangkung/kangkong especially if someone make it with fried rice. It taste so sweet compare to other vegetables. Bitter...... Mehhhhhh :P

6. I'm so weak against pout face : Such as my lil brother. He's age 13 and say he wanna sleep in my bedroom. If I don't feel like to, I will ignore his request and he will start making sad face and or pouting face.. Arghh.... and sometime even start to cry, Oh my.. I hate this kind of feeling, it make me surrender you know.. So he win and he sleep in my room like before.. Just recently, I said "tonight sleep outside, not in my room" before he said something like want to sleep in my room. I feel like I don't have privacy ahaha.. I feel sorry for him but.. I guess he will ask again when he think I'm in a good mood, whether he can sleep in my room or not.. ahahaha XD (If I'm in good mood you're lucky bro, haiyaaaa...)

7. I don't like busy place : Such as wedding ceremony, clinic, hospital, mall and etc. I really hate it. I feel nervous, and I feel like everything not in good place and not comfortable. If its busy place like zoo, aquarium.. I don't mind it since its always make me feel relax :D

Pst:/ There is some facts about you, that you can't tell to someone else except someone close to you. Since someone might think its negative.. Mwahaha.. So be careful when you say something bad or good about yourself :)

Today Picture - Sworn Brother |One Piece|

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Picture below not mine :P

Credit to the owner...