Game Rai Game Rak / Evil Game Love Game (Thai/Lakorn Drama)

Misaki PureBlood | July 10, 2014 | | | | | | |

Saichon is an islander living on Min island. One day, destiny leads him to find Fahlada, a 17 years old girl lying unconscious on the beach. When she wakes up, he realizes that she lost all her memories. Saichon takes care of her and names her Nang Fah (angel) because he doesn't know her real name and she doesn't remember it. They fall in love with each other and live together.
One day, Chompooprae, Fahlada's adopted sister saw her sister's picture in the tourist magazine, so she sends people to take Fahlada back. Chompooprae needs Fahlada in order for her to succeed in her adopted family's business. Chompooprae hires Yasa and his men to bring Fahlada back even though she fights to stay with Saichon. Saichon gets shot and has to recover all by himself. Fahlada gets shock therapy treatment until she regains her memories, but she loses her memories about Saichon and everything during the time that she was missing on Min Island. Chompooprae lies to her sister and doesn't tell her anything about Min island.
When Saichon awakens, he is devastated to learn that his Nang Fah is gone. He decides to go to Bangkok to look for her. Many years later, Saichon comes back from America to take care of the airline company in Thailand. He meets Chompooprae because she's the business partner he needs to work with. Chompooprae falls in love with him at first sight even though she is already engaged to P'Mor. So, she introduces him to her sister. Saichon is surprised and very glad when he meets Fahlada again. However, he is very hurt and angry because Fahlada doesn't remember him at all.

Nadech Kugumiya as Saichon / Charles | Urussaya Sprebund as Fahlada / Nangfah


Pope Tanawat Wattanaputi as Doctor Wattana/P'Mor | Mint Natwara Wongwasana as Chompooprae/Prae

MV Made by Fans

This MV tell sweet scene in Min island before Nangfah gone XDD

I like this scene XDD Bwahahaha :3 I love how Nangfah reject Saichon but Saichon force him~

Feel like its a dream~ LOLOLOL

One of my favie MV (I try searching at YouTube but it didn't show.. so I download it and upload it here~
Thanks to owner: Nikki Bellefire (I really like that you used skyscraper as background sound) ^__^

My Word

I really love this Thai Drama since my favie couple is the main character :) Hehehe Who? Of course its Nadech and Yaya!!! I ship both of them so much you know :) They are so sweet.. :3 Hehehe XDD

Sis Alynn said that hero's face look alike Elfira Loy. Really sis?? Awwwww Noooo.. I don't want to accept it ahaha XD If its Ezzrin Loy, yups, he have that face.. XDD

Wanna Watch GAME RAK GAME RAI (English sub)

Please watch it here: Game Rai Game Rak (Playlist)

So, ENJOY~ Hehehe XD (Seriously best drama)


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