The Genius: Rules of the Game (Korean Gameshow)

To be truth, this week is the first time I watch The Genius: Rules of The Game or known as The Genius. I really love this kind of gameshow. Its a Korean gameshow produce by tvN and if you read Liar Game manga or maybe watch Liar Game J-Drama or their live-action you might see the similarities in this game. Someone mention that this show was like real life Kaiji. (Idk about kaiji, since I didn't watch it yet, but I will) Of course, both have their own game rules. So, I don't think this gameshow plagiat or somehow plagiarism. My opinion though~ 

Watch Kaiji (Live-action) here: Kaiji Movie

13 people get selected to be in this game by invitation. (Special Invitation to Special People)

Inside the invitation, they provide game's currency that called a garnet for each participant. Each garnet worth 1 000 000 Won in The Genius game. It can be redeem as a prize money if they win the game.

Participant will play 12 round of games. Each round 1 person will be eliminated. Person who is survived at the end of game is the winner. Having many garnets in the game will help player. Garnet can be earn trough this game. 


Each round have Main Match (each Main Match have differ game) & Death Match


Every Player participates in Main Match where Winner and Eliminated candidate is determined.

Game Winners will receive token of live which grant immunities from the death match.

If there is a sole winner, they will obtain 2 token of life and may grant immunity to another players except the elimination candidate.

The elimination candidate will pick other player to play in Death Match. Its 1 Vs 1 game to decide who's eliminated. 

The loser of Death match will be eliminated and loser garnet will be taken by the winner.

(Somehow, this game remind me of poker XDD)

Participant/Contestant (SEASON 1):

Kim hyun Dong a.k.a Kim Gura
MC, Comedian, Radio Host

Park Eunji
MC, Former Weather Caster, Model, Actress (Me, Too Flower!, Standby, Birth Secret, The Dramatic, Potato Star and flower Grandpa Investigate Team)

Lee Sang Min
Producer, Leader of Roo'ra 

Kim Sung Gyu a.k.a Sunggyu
Leader & Main Vocalist of Infinite, Solo Idol and also an Actor (The Thousandth Man and Pure Love)

 Jimmy Cha a.k.a Cha Min Su
Professional Go& Legendary Poker (First time I know about him, and wow...XDD)

Kim Kyung Ran 
Former News Anchor & Announcer (Idk about her too)

 Hong Jin Ho a.k.a Storm Zerg (NC/Yellow)
Former StarCraft Programmer & Professional StarCraft Player- (If only Faker also invited in this game XDD)

Lee Jun Seok
Entrepreneur, Founder of Edushhare, Politician and the youngest in Saenuri Party (Former)

Chi Chang Yeop
 Actor: A Tale of Two Sister, School 2013, Faith and Dear My Sister

Choi Jung Mun
Mensa Member with IQ 158 & Engineering Student (Someone said that she supposed to be debut in girl group) Anyway, I'm quite jealous with Mensa people since XDD ahahaha (TT^TT Just enjoy your life as normal people lol)

Cha Yu Ram
World Class Pool Player (I love Pool.. Ok, not that pool, but that Pool, I also like lahh-manglish)

Kim Min Seo
Auctioner (I don't know about her and don't confused her with Kim Min Seo who is an actress)

Kim Poong
Webtoon Writer (Just recently know about him)

Participant/Contestant (SEASON 2):

Noh Hong Chul
MC, Comedian, Entrepreneur (he's so funny, and if you don't know him? He was the one that dance in the elevator with PSY-Gangnam Style MV

Eun Ji Won
Former Leader Sechkies, Rapper, MC, Composer, Dancer Actor (most known in drama Reply 1997 & 1994)

Yoo Junghyun
Former SBS Announcer (I only know this XDD)

Kim Jae Kyung
Rainbow Leader, Dancer, MC, Promotional Model, Actress (most known for God's Quiz Season 4)

Lee Eungyul
Magician (Merlin Award Winner)

 Lim Yo Hwan / Im YoHwan a.k.a SlayeS_'Boxer' or Boxer
Former Professional Gamer, Most Successful Programmer, Currently a Professional Poker Player (Jinho weakness and rival)

 Hong Jin Ho a.k.a Storm Zerg (NC/Yellow)
Former Professional Gamer, Former StarCraft Programmer & Professional StarCraft Player (YoHwan Rival) - He appear again in Season 2 

Lee Dahye
Professional Go Player

Lim Yonsun / Im Yonsun
Lawyer, (Winner of ₩ 300 million from Korean Quiz Show), Hong Chul blind date-broadcast 

 Jo Yoo Young
XTM's Youngest Announcer

 Lee Doo Hee
Seoul University Engineer, Legendary Genius Hacker, Company Worker (Hacked Seoul University Central Computer Network and reveal Kim Tae Hee high school graduation photo)

Nam Hwi Jong
Math Lecturer, Private Lecturer, (KAIST graduate) and have IQ 173

Lee Sang Min
Producer, Leader of Roo'ra - He appear again in Season 2
If you wanna watch this Gameshow, please go to this link: The Genius Season 1 and 2

Gomawoyo.. kamsahamnida.. to Bumdidlyump~ I'm really thank you for this ^__^

Sources Image: OmonaTheyDidnt

If you ask for season 3, the production team had open the selection for Season 3 already open (Idk, if they closed it yet) So, I'm hoping and waiting for Season 3

Sources Season 3: Jennyteo

This is my FAVIE Gameshow because its Survival Game!!!

If you don't want to get EATEN so Please EAT!!!~ Ahahahahahahahahaha (Ebbbill Laugh)

My 3rd Liebster Award

Misaki PureBlood | June 21, 2014 | | | 24 Whisper so far

Owh hye, today you gonna enjoy Liebster again XDD so yummy~ ahahahaha XDD You know Liebster right? World wide blogger tagging in English (but some blogger prefer their country language). Blogger A tag blogger B, and Blogger B tag Blogger C and so on. I'm gonna answer Liebster from The PirateKing | Kak Yong | Cik Meow. First of all, gomenasai because I'm late in posting the answer as a reply and Thanks so much for tagging me :3 Owh ya, I'll not make any question to ask or tagging anyone, but.. If you want 11 Liebster question from me, just tell me (I bet no one want it TT^TT since most of all blogger done this already) ahahahaha XDD

The PirateKing Q&A

1. Pernah tak meniru dalam exam? or bawak toyol masa exam?

Mestilah pernah.. kaki meniru lagi taw tak? ahahaha.. Nak tahu tak macammana Hikari meniru dulu? Banyak taktik taw, cikgu tak pernah tangkap pun ahahaha :3 (ok, jangan bangga weyh, ko meniru takde faedah..) Iye.. tak bangga pun.. rasa bersalah lagi ada TT^TT Tapi tu dululah, dan meniru pun cuma time exam kecil ja. Tapi lepas dengar sorang cikgu cakap: meniru takkan bawa kita ke mana-mana sebab kita bergantung pada orang lain, dan kita tak tahu pun sama ada orang yang kita tiru tu jawapan dia betul atau tak. Lebih baik usaha sendiri. Someone pernah cakap: aku tak suka orang yang meniru sebab, ramai orang yang berusaha keras dalam exam, tapi aku tengok yang kaki tiru senang-senang dapat A sebab tiru. Sebab tu lah, I'm not cheat in exam anymore.. Takut lah, tambah dosa taw tak.. baik pi mintak maaf dekat cikgu or lect hampa semua kalau ada meniru.. ahahahaha XD

2. Special question sempena Hari Guru. Nama cikgu yang korang rasa paling best pernah ngajar korang.

OMG... I think Teacher Rawiyah and Teacher Suhaibah are the best teacher and the best teacher name eva~

3. Menulis guna tangan kanan or kidal?

Pakai tangan kanan ja, semua pakai tangan kanan (except that, ya you know..) LOL XDD

4. Berapa orang adik-beradik?

Ada 8 orang adik beradik yang happy dan ceria yang suka buat hingar dalam rumah mengalahkan zoo TT^TT Rumah orang lain pun tak bising macam kitaorang ni kecuali time bergaduh.. mmg dengar satu kampung XD

5. Genre music yang korang paling minat?

Owhhh, let see.. Semua lagu Hikari layan.. Punk ke Rock ke Metal ke (as long as dalam lirik lagu tuh takdak yang worship syaitan/iblis dan yang boleh buat kita terpesong) and hikari suka gila dengan Pop, Blues and Jazz

6. Favourite film

My favie film list: (I list 11 movie I always love)

1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai Movie and I suggest you watch it, this was the best movie eva.. Sweet innocent love between a senior and junior)


(His name is Shone but the sub say Chone and P is refer to senior so it is P'Shone)


(I don't know you but thanks lyresh21 because upload this vid)

2. Kimi No Todoke (Live-action from anime.. and this one also sweet innocent love, so kawaii that make you wanna take care of that heroin and keep her safe)
Pst:/ watch the anime too since its was so funny and romantic ^___^ (it have Season 1 and Season 2)




FULL ANIME SEASON 1 & 2. Please click my old entries: Where Can I Watch Anime Streaming Online 

3. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Hindi movie that will make you cry, about mother's feeling.. about love.. about status)


(No English Subs for this Trailer, if you find this trailer does not fun, watch the Movie itself and you will know how cool and touchy this movie)

See Full Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Playlist) here:

(it have Part 1 until Part 14-ending)

4. Pitch Perfect (American musical romantic comedy.. They performed acapella: music without instrument and using only own body to make sound.. and this is the best musical movie I've eva see)


(Oh, don't worry.. no scene that might bleed your nose lol XDD)


5.  10 Thing I Hate About You (Old movie around 1999 and I still watch the movie, since its so sweet and differ from this era-movie) Just click the title to watch FULL MOVIE XD

6. Hotarubi no Mori e (Anime movie that gonna make you cry and cry and cry TT^TT, so many emotion) Just click the title if you wanna watch FULL MOVIE

7. Matilda (American fantasy movie-the kids name Matilda was so amazing and I wish that I've a power like her)



8. Coming Soon (Thai horror movie!!! and I still trauma because of this movie!! but its the best horror movie) <--- I'm not gonna watch this especially alone.. No way..


(Fuhhhhh, I didn't click this trailer to check whether they provide English sub in trailer or not, since the trailer is scary as fish!!! and I'm sleeping along, so I'm not gonna.. LOL XDD)

FULL MOVIE (English Sub)


9. Harry Potter the Sorcerer's Stone (I'm sorry if I'm ruined your expectation, but I really love the first Harry Potter Movie)


You might having trouble by the ads that going to pop up for 5 times like that maybe and after that you can watch it peacefully~

10. Legend of The Guardian : The Owls of Ga'Hoole (Warner Bros film with Australian company that later produce Happy Feet. Its the most epic and beautiful owl, I've eva see.. and of course real owl was really beautiful.. but the effect from computer really captured my heart. The story also beautiful)



You might having trouble by the ads that going to pop up for 5 times like that maybe and after that you can watch it peacefully~

11. Warm Bodies (If you haven't watch this movie, I suggest you go watch it now :D Its so cool and funny and romantic about zombies) XD



Please Click Here: Warm Bodies (FULL) 

You might having trouble by the ads that going to pop up for 5 times like that maybe and after that you can watch it peacefully~

7. Jika anda diberi peluang berlakon sebagai hero/heroin dalam sebuah filem, siapakah yang korang mahu dalam pasangan? Sebab

Kalau dapat peluang nak berlakon jadi heroin dengan hero? sapa hero tu? mestilah antara  Heath Ledger or Bradley Cooper or Gaspard Ulliel or Ian Somerhalder or Richard Gere, Nadech Kugumiya, Oguri Shun or Alex Pattyfer or Ryo Nishikido or Matsumoto Jun or Uehara Takuya or Lee Sun Gyun or Woobin or Rionaldo Stockhorst or Gerard Pique.

Never asking thing kind of question again k :D You'll regret it XDD


Ian Somerhalder - I fall in love with Damon Vampire Diaries

Matsumoto Jun - Should I say the reason? Don't want lah.. since urm.. ahahahaha XDD

Richard Gere - I love him in Pretty Woman ya know :3

Oguri Shun - I fall in love with Genji in Crow Zero fufufufu :3

Gerard Pique - He has beautiful eyes and I love that eyes..

Nadech Kugumiya- I love his pairing with Yaya Urussaya in every drama and I love to see his eyebrow :D
Uehara Takuya - Same with Jun. M I think better keep the reason myself ahahahahaha XDD

Alex Pattyfer - I like him when I watch Wild Child :3 I still remember the dialogue ngeh ngeh ngeh, and I like his acting in Beastly

Bradley Cooper - Of course, his eyes.. since I love his eyes.. :3 :3 :3

Kim Woo Bin - I love his smile and his eyebrow so much ya know XD and I like his acting in School 2013 the most XDD

Ryo Nishikido - Awwww... I feel touchy by his act in One Litre of Tears TT^TT

Gaspard Ulliel - I fall in love with when he act in Hannibal... ahahaha XD Kill Kill :3

Rionaldo Stochorst - I love his smile the most <3

Heath Ledger  - I love his act and smile in 10 Thing I Hate About You and The Batman (as a Joker) I like that XDD

Lee Sun Gyun - His voice are so deep and I really love it ahahahaha XDD

8. Destinasi pelancongan paling jauh pernah pergi?

Klang, Johor satu-satunya destinasi perlancongan paling jauh yang pernah Hikari pergi. :'( (Except in my dream.. I've been in Taiwan with F4 and 5566 as my roommate and etc)

9. Aktiviti mencabar yang korang ingin buat?

Nak main bungee jump and belajar parkour (tapi parkour memang sedar dah yang Hikari takkan mampu, sebab.. kaki ni lemah sikit ahahaha XD tangan pun tak sekuat mana.. nak main jugak kena latih banyak uwaaaaaaa.... lagi, teringin nak sky diving.. (terjun dari aie-plane tak seram mana, tapi takut jatuh dekat laut and ada binatang sambar makan TT^TT) Tragis~

10. Saat terindah setakat ini?

Biasa-biasa ja, ahahaha XD Best moment tiap-tiap hari kalau ada orang bagi perhatian dekat Hikari.. ahahaha XD Hikari jenis suka kacau adik supaya dia layan Hikari (sampai diaorang menangis and marah pun ada) adakah hikari Sadist? hahahaha Tapi paling terindah bila dapat layan anime and baca manga faveret XDD ahahaha mmg grand lah :D

11. Asal dari mana? Skema jawapan: Banting, Selangor.

Hikari from Bumi, and dari tempat jauh yang mana makhluk dekat situ jenis hisap darah.. ahahaha XD joking.. Saya manusia biasa dariPendang, Kedah (Malaysia) yang sukakan vampire. :D :D :D

Kak Yong Q&A

1. Berapa umur awak? ki3x (saje nk bagi soalan cepu mas)

Hikari jenis tak kisah orang tanya umur Hikari :D Umur saya 21 tahun.. Tapi 12 hari bulan 8 ni umur saya genap 22 tahun :D hehe

2. Kalau saye nak ajak awak pegi Korea sama2, awk nk ikut tak?

Nak!!! Jom kak Yong get ready bebarang, pack semua, makanan pack smeua, alamak.. duit ja tak pack lagi, nanti bila cukup duit jom terbang gi Seoul XD Yeahhhh XD

3. Awak suka warna apa?

Semua warna suka kecuali warna oren dengan kuning dengan gold. tapi kalau tengok permandangan semula jadi suka warna sunset dengan sunrise :D Paling suka warna Biru, hitam dengan kelabu XD

4. Apa perasaan awak, bila orang yang paling rapat dengan awak kutuk awak depan boyfriend dia (w/pun bergurau...hee =))

Hurrmmm.. bergantung kepada keadaan jugaklah sis. Kalau lawak tu tak menyebabkan hati Hikari terluka tak kisah pun.. tapi kalau kisah mestilah depan tu jugak menangis. TT^TT

5. Apa respon awak?

Alamak, dah terjawab dah dekat soalan atas XDD ahahaha :3

6. Apakah tindakan yang paling baik yang mampu awak buat untuk jaga hubungan baik tu dan dlm masa yang sama jaga perasaan awak sendiri

Macam yg Hikari cakap, Hikari akan diam sekejap and minta undur diri sebab takut menangis dekat depan diaorang. Kalau ada kekuatan ank membalas, selalunya Hikari akan cakap dekat diaorang: "Weyh, aku terasa gila nih sampai nak nangis.." ahahaha XD kalau termenangis betul depan diaorang, menangis je.. takpe.. sbb sambil nangis tuh mesti sambil gelak jugak sbb nak bagi lega hati XDD

7. Apakah makna "adik-beradik" dlm hidup awak?

Hubungan persaudaraan yg kuat? Tempat untuk membuli.. Boleh tunjuk perangai tak senonoh kita depan diaorang.. Tempat meluahkan perasaan.. Boleh buat lawak yang sememangnya hanya mampu nak buat depan family sendiri. tapi kan sis, makna adik-beradik nih dekat adik-adik Hikari bermaksud seseorang yg akan membantu diaorang dalam kesusahan (saya pun macam tu juga) ahahaha XD

8. Sejauh mana awak sanggup berkorban untuk adik beradik awak?

Sejauh mana yang Hikari mampu XD Kalau nak pinjam duit, kena tunggu Hikari ada duitlah.. Kalau nak suruh ajar something, be prepared mentality sebab Hikari akan mengajar sambil mulut pot pet pot pet and marah-marah (dengan adik sendiri ja) ahahaha XD Kalau nak kena jadi heroin selamatkan diaorang pun, kakak diaorang yang ni akan jadi orang first nak tolong XD (yang ni selalu sangat duk berangan kata selamatkan orang, itu pasallah)

9. Apa pendapat awak tentang Blog Santai Aliya?

Saya suka blog kak Yong, sebab bayak benda nak baca XD. Erm.. cuma Hikari kurang suka highlight dekat blog kak Yong.. hehehe (jangan marah arrr...) XDD  

10. Ada tak komen@pendapat untuk penambahbaikan penampilan dan juga isi dalam Blog Santai Aliya?

Ada... :D Hikari nih pengkritik hebat (sedangkan diri sendiri nih lagi banyak nak kena kritik) XD Ok, kalau blog akak, Hikari suka kalau post akak tak ada highlight.. and yang penting sekali, font akak dekat blog selalu senget, tak senget dan senget balik XDD ahahaha :3 Hikari kurang minat font jenis yang akak pakai, tapi akak minat kan? :D Akak ikut je minat akak ^___^ Lagi? hurmmm.. Hikari suka tegok blog yang background post dia warna putih fufufu XD tapi blog akak, Hikari suka pergi don't worry ^__^ lagi satu, ada some blogger cakap grab widget macam yg dekat sidebar akak tu memberatkan blog, lepas tu.. SCM player pun diaorang cakap berat, Hikari pun tak tahu yg tu akak :D cuma kalau betul akak tukar pakai macam Hikari pakai ke :D Tu je lah.. suka sangat nak komen orang.. nanti orang komen kita ni lagi berlambak-lambak.. :3

11. Rasa2 saye (Puteri Aliya) ni mcm mana orangnya...hehe (^___^)

Hikari suka akak XD Akak peramah dan baik bagi Hikari. Sebab? Kak Yong boleh layan saya yg cakap banyak ni, saya rasa happy XD Hikari tak pernah jumpa kak Yong depan-depan lagi.. :3  tapi setakat tu pandangan Hikari :D

Cik Meow Q&A

1. Perasaan terhadap kucing? hehe.

Hikari suka kucing, sebab kucing comel sangat :D Tapi tak suka nak belai-belai dia or main dengan dia. Tak suka dia mereseh selalu tapi nak main dengan dia (macammana nak cakap ye? hurmm) nak main dengan dia tapi dia selalu terkam.. TT^TT Kucing ni satu-satunya pet yang Hikari jeles. XDD

2. Suka pet ape dan kenapa?

Alhamdulillah.. thanks sesangat sebab Cik Meow tanya soalan nih XD ahaha.. Kucing suka, tapi bukan pet yang Hikari nak bela. Hikari suka tengok Mr and Ms Rabbie.. Diaorang sangat comel especially Holland Loop Rabbit <3 <3 <3 awwwwww.. sangat adorable.. Lagi satu suka doggies/puppies even though Hikari tau kita sebagai orang Islam takleh bela dia.. I know.. sebab tu Hikari tak bela.. ada sebab kenapa Allah tak kasi kita jadikan doggies sebagai pet kita.. I know.. :) Tapi diaorang comelkan? especially type wolfdog, shepherd, labrador, shiba inu dengan akita XDD Jadi, yang Muslim tolong jangan jadikan doggies as your pet k.. ^__^

3. Prefer pakai shawl or bawal? Jenis macammana dan kenapa?

Alahai, dua jenis tudung ni Hikari paling tak suka sebab remeh nak lilit sana sini :D tapi kalau nak pilih, I prefer bawal as long as dia tak jarang and labuh menutupi apa yang ditetapkan oleh syarak XD Anyway Hikari jenis pakai tudung koshibo, urm tudung labuh XDD senang and rasa selamat from mata-mata yang melihat XD (tapi still buat perangai tak senonoh walaupun pakai tudung labuh) <--- perbuatan nih saya sendiri takleh nak maafkan tapi urmm dah biasa TT^TT

4. Kalau pergi zoo, paling excited tengok binatang ape? hehe

Paling excited tengok harimau, singa, beruang XDD Sebab I like wild animal XDD Binatang yg susah nak tame nih ahaha 

5. Teknik yang korang selalu guna utk pikat ibu or ayah supaya belikan something yang korang nak? ngehehe

Ahahaha.. Hikari bukan jenis yang manja or rapat sangat macam adik Hikari yg lain-lain. tapi, kalau bab ni, Hikari akan pergi dekat ibu selalunya: ibu, tolonglah beli benda tu, please... tolonglah.." (pastu sambil buat muka macam doggies telinga jatuh) macam tulah caranya samapilah dapat benda tu.. (tapi kalau tak dapat jugak apa boleh buat.. ahahaha)

6. Warna yang paling korang tak suka dan sebabnya?

Hehehe dah jawab tapi pakai soalan kak yong punya.. untuk Cik meow, Hikari jawab lagi sekali :D Hikari paling tak suka warna oren dengan warna kuning, adik beradik dengan dialah kiranya.. tapi merah Hikari suka XD sebab apa tak suka? sebab dia terlalu ceria dan terlalu gelap dalam masa yang sama.. taktau nak explain macammana ahahaha XD cuma perasaan yang cakap macam tu :D

7. Kalau diberi peluang jadi jutawan utk satu hari shj, ape korang nak buat dalam satu hari tu?

Satu hari ja??? Half money donate utk sedara kita dekat luar negara yg sangat memerlukan bantuan kita.. Half money lagi bahagi2 adik beradik, ibu, abah, tok (tapi tok selalunya tak pakai duit banyak)  XDD kalau tak habis, pi bagi dekat bestfriend dulu XD gi simpan sikit dalam bank utk emergency and nak guna time haji nanti pastu beli makanan banyak2 buat stok XDD pastu pegi beli rabbit 10 ekor and mintak orang buatkan akwasan dia main dekat luar rumah hari tu jugak XD and lastly lebihan bagi dekat orang yang memerlukan :D dalam satu hari rasanya boleh kowt... XD

8. Pernah kena marah gilerr2 x oleh sesiapa? and ape salah yang korang buat mase tu? hehe.

Pernah kena marah gila-gila.. Hurmmm alahai.. tak ingatlah.. tapi kalau incident kena marah yang memalukan adalah ahahaha XDD

9. Udang dengan sotong mane lagi sedap? huu.

Mestilah sotong XDD Sebab saya tak makan udang XD atau makanan laut yang lain macam ketam tu, sebab tak suka rasa dia, rasa laut XD (Dulu makan ketam, tapi makin besar, dah tak makan kecuali burger ketam or meatball ketam or jejari ketam)

10. Satu perkataan je yg boleh describe diri korang?

Weirdo. I am a weird person. Believe me XD. takdelah kalau terjumpa ka nanti terkejut semacam je XD ahahaha XD

11. Last skali... apa pendapat korang tentang blog cikmeow ni (Life's Rainbow) huu.

I like blog Cik Meow overall :) Just kurang suka font jenis yang Cik Meow pakai sekarang nih :D hehe Cik Meow post lah pasal kucing yang comel-comel lagi ^___^ 

Ok, That's all.. I'm writing this Liebster with English and whole of it in Malay since they asked me in Malay :D I hope you enjoy. Thanks again Kak Yong, King Pirate, Cik Meow for tagging me.. :D

Aegyo time.. Buing buing~ :3

Someone said they are so cute~ Who? Scroll down...

Ahahaha... ommo ommo... Siwon Ahjussi? Siwon Oppa? Why are you acting so cute here~

In Love with Dutch and German Language ♥ ♥ ♥

Misaki PureBlood | June 19, 2014 | | | | | 16 Whisper so far

This whole weekend I'm watching The Voice reality show :D I still have many episode I need to watch XD I really fall in love with this show. I don't how I am happen to be watch that show.. After I finish watching new ridiculous viral video at FineBros channel.. maybe at that time I happen to click The Voice :D

Anyway the origin of The Voice are from Netherlands (ok, its not because of FIFA that I searching for Holland in Youtube) ahaha

Anyway, they are The Voice and The Voice Kids and I watch several video from The Voice Kids Philippines, Thailand and most it are from Holland it self XD and when I search in the wiki, South Korea, UK, US, Indonesia, and other country also have The Voice reality show :D

and I start become fans of Nick and Simon (singer-songwriter) who was the judges in The Voice (former) and The Voice Kids
Their voice was so beautiful :D I fall in love with Dutch Language lol XDD

I even try to sing in Dutch and German, but of course I totally failed~ XDD I need to take class I guess XDD Maybe later.. Right now, I don't have time hurmmm..

Click this How Differ is Dutch and German (I also know about this today)

New MV Nick and Simon: (I really love this song)

Nick & Simon - De Horizon

English Lyric Translated by My FB Friend: Alexender
it kept swinging, never went right
the road you have traveled
you never stood still, but you walked through
afraid you otherwise lost time
is your youth escapes
you stepped on so many things going
in your life story lost
Come along with me to the horizon
the focus on infinity, do not look back
then we get to questions, answers to questions
with rain on the cheeks, we follow the sun
Come along with me to the horizon
to make you never began
follow your heart, follow your heart, follow me
Come along to the horizon
Come along to the horizon
that's something you do not have time for now
changed again something you regret
that's what you came face
when you thought you took a break
without started without shock
the journey will not expire, but the chances
that which touches us makes us even stronger
makes stronger
what is black or heavy lightning
sometimes you see things better with your eyes closed
show your courage, show your fear, your face
I do not know where to go, but we immediately
will you come with me, going nowhere
are we alone, or are we alone together
you go with me to the horizon
the focus on infinity, do not look back
then we get to questions, answers to questions
with rain on the cheeks, we follow the sun
Come along with me to the horizon
to make you never began
follow your heart, follow your heart, follow me
Come along to the horizon
(k Do not know where to go, but we go right)
(do you want with me, going nowhere)
(k Do not know where to go, but we go right)
(do you want with me, going nowhere)
Come along to the horizon
I like this song:

Nick & Simon - Kijg Oomhog

English Lyric (Source:
After a long fall
Climb up the valley again
Look at the time will come
How you fill in
You know any more
You do not get everything you want
And your head sorrowfully
Keep your body in power zn
There's always a tomorrow
Even the longest night
Look up to the Sun
Do not look for an answer
Let it go hold on to me
This road is straightforward
He leads you into the future
This cloud floating over soon
They will be a turning point interpreted
You can now move forward
You can feel the sun on your face
It's getting about time
That you yourself free
See it in a different light
But your head sorrowfully
Keep your body in power zn
There's always a tomorrow
Even the longest night
Look up to the Sun
Do not look for an answer
Let it go hold on to me
Look up to the Sun
Do not look for an answer
Let it go hold on to me
This road is straightforward
He leads you into the future
This cloud floating over soon
For this cloud floating over soon
For this cloud floating over soon

Nick & Simon - Julia (so sweet musing and MV)

What you need to know about Julia song by Nick and Simon:
"Julia" is a single by the Dutch duo Nick & Simon, consisting of the singers Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer from Volendam. The song was released on 8 March 2013. The song was written by Schilder and was produced by Gordon Groothedde.
Nick & Simon released many different versions of the song, each with another female given name as title. Eight versions were released on CD, but on iTunes 154 versions were released (see different versions). Nick & Simon established a record in the Guinness Book of Records with this song, because they released 155 singles on one day. This has never been done before.
The single debuted at the peak position in both the Dutch Top 40 and the Mega Single Top 100. The song became the first number-one single for Nick & Simon in the Dutch Top 40 and the first number-one debut in that chart since Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" in 2011. "Julia" was the tenth number-one single for the duo in the Mega Single Top 100. (COPY PASTE FROM WIKIPIDEA)
English Translation (Google Translate)
Oh, Julia, you belong to me
Oh, Julia, do not walk past
Because everything is my fault, my fault
But have some patience and know that I love you.
Oh, Julia, you're with me, with me
You say that you feel nothing for me.
All doors are now closed for good.
But the tone in which you speak.
I hear that you still care.
And I cherish the silent hope that you forgive me oot.
I know I have committed. Mistakes
And I do not just undone.
I myself was lost
When waking up from a nightmare.
I now behold I have made much in all that time
Oh, Julia, you belong to me
Oh, Julia, do not walk past
Because everything is my fault, my fault
But have some patience and know that I love you.
Is this really the end of the line
Remember how nice it was sometimes
If you feel how much I suffer, and how much I regret it now
Feel that I want you back and everything'm willing
Oh, Julia, you belong to me
Oh, Julia, do not walk past
Because everything is my fault, my fault
But have some patience and know that I love you.
Oh, Julia, you're with me, with me
I give you my heart
I give you my soul
I'll give you everything I have in me
As long as I love all of you can swap oooh
Oh, Julia, you belong to me
Oh, Julia, do not walk past
Because everything is my fault, my fault
But have some patience and know that I love you.
Oh, Julia, you're with me, with me
Oh, Julia, you belong to me
Oh, Julia, do not walk past
Because everything is my fault, my fault
But have some patience and know that I love you.
Oh, Julia, you're with me, with me
 Nick & Simon - De Soldaat (I really love this song)

Whenever I go, people always saying that German sound horrible and scary, I don't know why.. but they sound so cool for me :D I love all language ahaha XD and thanks to Alexender, I will learn Dutch :) and maybe if I had a chance further my study, I'm gonna take German and French class, since he said that learning those two will help you learning Dutch ^___^ Seriously, arigato neh Sensei XDD (calling you sensei, hope you find with it XDD) or should I call teacher? :D

So Enjoy this MV~

pst:/ I know I need to learn English grammar too :3 I will, don't worry XDD ahahaha (too many mistake I make, but if you can understand I'm glad) XDD

Annie96 is Typing...

Misaki PureBlood | June 17, 2014 | | 28 Whisper so far
That Annie96 Typing story really creep me out.. since I'm alone in my dark room (not turn on the light, since I don't like it) XD

You guys should read it here:

or you can go straight listen someone narrate the dialog here:

or if you want the chat to be clearly see, look at here:

Its the same story but if I'm not wrong its different narrator XDD and differ background sound XDD

I will never listen this creepy thing alone anymore!!! Seriously!!! ahaha XD

Brazil 3-1 Crotia!!! Yeahhh~

Misaki PureBlood | June 13, 2014 | | | | | | | 15 Whisper so far
Owhhok.. know what, this week I went to Penang with ma family (before the day start become hotttttttt) Anyway I lost contact with my family at Batu Feringgi, Penang that night.. Just my brother and me and then I suddenly alone.. what? Ok.. relax... So, I just walk straight follow the bazaar path along with other tourist and suddenly one white man poke my shoulder. I look at him and he asked me: Where is your shoes? 

@___@' My shoes?? Me: Here, my shoes (ok I feel awkward at that time, I feel stuck, I doesn't know what should I responnd XDD ) and then I just smile at him.. I'm glad finally I found my family fuhhhh~

Anyway, I know why that man asked me like that. I wear black sandal and black stocking/sock LOL XDD 

I wear it like this girl XD

(Source: Kweenkrule)

I hope someday, I will not startled when answer question suddenly like that XD (I feel regret I didn't use that chance to speak English with lol XDD) 

Back to topic Transformer! I really love Transformer but never had chance watch at cinema :3 Always streaming online fufufu XD (Gonna watch online Transformer Age of Extinction later) 

Anyway, I watch one of this advertisement: Buy darlie and get Transformer mug and I ask my mum by it for me when she go shopping with ma family while my 2 brothers and me stay at home :D ahaha XD

I call her around 4 PM like that asking her if she buy Darlie with Transformer mug and she told me that she didn't... Uwaaaaaaa... She said that only mug with Mickey Mouse on it.. I don't want that.. :'( I cry and rolling over and over on the floor because of that.. TT^TT

The fact that, she just prank me... uwaaaa... Finally I got my first transformer collection even if it just a mug XD

Gonna save this mug and use it if my application for degree get accepted XDD fufufufu :3

I love Optimus Prime!!! He's so sexy!!!!

Trailer Transformer Age of Extinction:

OPTIMUS PRIME so COOL!!! Right??? :3 :3 :3

Anyway back to topic, I shout and jump when Brazil 3-1 with Crotia Yohooooo XDD
At the first 10 minute, I feel frustrated that Marcelo give free goal to Crotia.. LOL XDD He score his own goal... ahahahaha XDD I feel like Come on Brazil!!! He's defender.. What????? XDD and most important thing, that was the first match and the first score on own goal... what the fish! lol XDD


and then Neymar score the first goal, and the second goal :D and lastly.. the best moment when Oscar give final shot!! Banggg~ Brazil 3-1 and preeetttt.. Times up Ho Yeah~ Brazil hohoho XDD

Neymar and Oscar!! :D ahahaha (I'm not football/soccer fanatic)  just love watch football XDD So I don't know how to response if you talk about Brazil penalty kick.. ahaha XDD

I just love to watch footballer dribble ball, shoot the ball and etc, the rule.. I don't know XDD

Please don't argue with me about Nishimura (referee) k :D

Enjoy Neymar and Oscar happy face XDD

Can't wait for another game Spain vs Netherlands XDD Wohhoaaa XD (I'm with Spain!!!!)
For this FIFA I support GERMAN!!! Go German! Go!!! :D