Where Can I Watch Anime Streaming Online? (My Top 10 Anime Site Review)

Misaki PureBlood | May 29, 2014 | | | |

Someone said: Relax dude, its just an anime. It does not even real...
I stare at them and:  "Just an anime?"

Anime is everything for me you know~

Like I said before and now and forever: I Love Anime and proud to be OTAKU~

So today, I'm going to share which site that I always visit in order watching my favourite anime and new anime and of course re-watch again and again anime XDD Fufufufu~

My Top 10 Anime Site

This is the best site for me, I always watch anime here especially One Piece XDD The best thing about this site? Hurmmm.. I will choose player 2 to play anime that I watch because its loading faster :)

Streamani.me... it served many player there. You can choose which one you want. The popular player of course, MP4upload and AUEngine. This player loading so fast compare to other. (DON'T BOTHER THIS ONE ANYMORE)

Sometime I'll searching anime here.. But, its been a long time I've not watching anime at animefreak after I find out that chia-anime loading fast. Still, the video player in this site loading fast, just that I'm more comfortable on chia-anime XD hehe..

Wow, I've register chatango here and I think its been 2 month have not been there.. Awww.. This one the best anime site too :D If I go to this site, I would choose MP4upload or AUEngine :)

Actually, this site is the most popular among Otaku's out there, but I doesn't like this site.. I don't know why, ahaha but, I do love the forum they provide XDD

Such a good site for anime lovers, otaku, weeaboo, that love to watch anime in HD. I remember I download only 1 anime at this site. XDD

Ehem.... This anime site, I will go and streaming here if anime that I try to find was not provide at others site XDDD >////<

Just once, I watch anime here :D So, I don't remember much about this site :) since I still have another anime site I can watch anime ^___^


Same like gogoanime, I will fly over here if I want to find anime that not provide at other anime site. I like this site, its loading fast too :)

Last but not least, is animehere. The last anime site I'll watch anime :D Its not that this site I hate because the problem with video loading or what, but, its because I prefer chia-anime XDD Anyway, this is the best site actually, since they provide many player. :D and all of its loading faster XD

Just choose any anime site you wanna go :) since its free and no need to pay. Also, they provide English subs :)

and here, I wanna show the best and the best and the best and the best website that no loner exist!

Tadaaaaa~ This site is animecrazy.net or dramacrazy.net if you wanna watch Asian drama XDD

I really love this site!!! Totally LOVE it!!! but they shutting down this site last year you know :'( How depressed I'm at that time. Animecrazy / Dramacrazy video server which is: SpeedyJoe was so fast when its loading and download it only take 2-3 minute for each part of video TT^TT
I hope they gonna re-run again this website >____<
I wish normal people gonna be Otaku A.S.A.P 


  1. me too! proud to be otaku~ hohohoXD
    i just watch anime streaming at animeseason.com.now i know where to watch it more.keke~
    thanks for list.ngee :D

    1. yeahhh Neul Ah ^__^
      sure :)
      this list help me too since I need to categorized my bookmark and remove all link that I save :D

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Will share this with my little sister cause she really love anime.

    1. No prob Farah :)
      You should love it too ahaha XDD

  3. Sometimes people mix anime and cartoons..Daikirai DESU !!! >,<

    1. ahaha XD I don't really mind actually since cartoon and anime have the same meaning but the differ is anime is cartoon that come from Japan, made from Japan XDD
      so I understand why you doesn't like it HnaYn chan ^__^
      and I love how they make the animation compare to cartoon from others country XD

  4. Thank you for sharing! I wanna watch my fav anime but sometimes the web doesn't have the episode :( So, thanks again.. huahaha

    1. my pleasure :3
      same here lol XDD
      getting frustrated if I can't find my favie anime :D
      no prob hahahaha XD

  5. aww i love watching it online but really i hate the buffering XDDD

    anyway thanks for sharing :3

    1. I prefer download it ahahaha XD but nowadays I need to watch online since my internet MB gonna slow down if I download anime kekeke :3

      no prob ^___^

  6. not a fan of anime but i love detective conan XD maybe boleh recommend anime apa yang best (with episodes not more than 50)?

    1. awww :D I doesn't like Cona, but nowadays I start to watch Conan (maybe because the hero turn out to be kid, so I feel like I doesn't want to watch it) XDD
      hurm not more than 50 epi that best?
      First of all I'm gonna bias based on what I like but you might not like it :D
      1. Ghost Hunt (even though its ghost story, but this anime I should say, its should make new season and update their manga)
      2. 07-Ghost (this one not ghost anime, but you will find its attractive and good to watch.. I really love this anime)
      3. Tonari No Kaibatsu-kun (If you want romantic comedy, choose this one, and the manga also good :D this anime make my sis start to watch anime again XDD)
      4. Hiiro No Kakera series (this based on game but really best to watch, I love this)
      5. Psychic Detective Yakumo (please don't read the manga since the storyline manga and anime was too differ, its seem like anime provide the future compare to manga, the person that should be death still play the role :D, but this anime totally cool!!! and best to watch)
      6. Zetsuen No Tempest (I love this anime too and its a bit sad but the ending was happy)
      7. Sukitee Ii Na Yo a.k.a Say I Love You (romantic anime, and my sis and I really love this, at first she said the character not so handsome or beautiful but after she watch it, she realize that they are good anime and the chara was cute :3)
      8. SAO a.k.a Sword Art Online (a boy in game cannot log out and trapped in game world, this is romantic anime, you should watch it)
      9. Kaicho Wa Maid Sama and Special A (this one seriously must watch it!!! XDDD I really love both couple XDD)
      10.Amnesia (the anime quite complicated since the heroin keep forgot everyone around her and the story keep change everytime she forgot but if you watch it, this was beautiful anime especially the chara and not complicated at all :D

    2. too many anime to recommend but for this time, why not try watch this first ^__^ hehe

    3. owh ya I forgot my favie anime, another anime you should and must watch is Kimi No Todoke :3
      Romance comedy anime ^__^

  7. i watched OP at watchop and i just know naruto have their own website too.. naraget. hehe.

    1. awww I don't know that XDD
      but I think anime website that have most of anime there, its gonna make me easy to spot new anime :D

  8. Wow. Thanks for sharing those sites haha. I also like chia-anime.com btw XDD

    1. XD you're welcome XD
      Yeahhh, same like me ^__^
      all the time I prefer chia anime more :3

  9. wahhhh banyak betulll...ini betul2 kaki anime ni... cer
    Junkyo No Hikari suggest sket bg anime beginner nak tengok anime mana :)

    1. ahaha XD
      otaku :3
      bagi beginner? hurmmmm.. wan suka tgok anime yg mcmmana? adventure ke romantic ke comedy ke?
      yg ni Hikari bias sikit :D
      kalau nak tgok adventure: One Piece (seriously, walaupun ongoing tapi mmg best anime nih!!! XD.. dulu cita OP ni duk dalam local disk d je, tak pnah2 bukak, tapi tahun lepas start tgok.. :) seriously DAEBAK!!!
      kalau nak tgok romance + comedy: ape kata try tgok Kimi No Todoke or try tgok Tonari No Kaibatsu-kun XDD
      kelakar :3 pastu romantik XDD
      anyway semua cerita kat atas mmg lebih kepada persahabatn.. menangis tengok TT^TT

  10. Replies
    1. ahaha :3 mana tau server anime yg lain tetibe down, so ada banyak sumber nak tgok anime ^__^

  11. saya suka anime, tpi dah lama tak tengok anime. hehe. btw thanks share link. ada masa bolehlah tengok :D

    1. welcome always.. nanti jgn lupa tgok :)

      mana tau nanti minat bertambah2 :3
      ahaha XD

  12. Ahh, dah lama tak tengok anime. Last tengok masa sekolah rendah. Sekarang dah tak minat sangat.

    1. masa kecik2 je tgok? alahai TT^TT
      cer tgok balik ne tau minat ahahaha XDD
      dlu kecik2 balik skolah msti tggu dpan tb kan nak tgok Dragon Ball pnye pasal :)

  13. Saya selalu lepak di Anime Freak, tp loading lama gilaa, biasanya saya DL dulu baru tengok till lebam.hahaha.. arghh . Thanks Misaki ♡♡♥♥

    1. owh owh.. lama sikit kan dye loading but dia banyak server jgak cuma kureng minat and rasa mmg dia slow skit.. kalau nak compare dgn site anime yg lain sbb tu tak guna lama dah anime freak XDD (dia pnya page macam berat kan? perasan tak?) XDD
      ahaha sampai lebam tgok.. ahahaha you're most welcome ^__^

  14. Ada lagi Ani Indo




    Terima kasih.

    1. Awww... sankyuu :) cumanya yang di list ini pake English sub :)