Sad Innocent Love Story between Fire and Water (TT^TT)

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Hold Close by Ingrid Tan

Finally they are together and no one can disturb their love <3 <3 <3

Test Your Brain~

Hey guys, what's up! XDD I'm watching One Piece this 3 days :3 You can't make me stop ahahaha.. Its addictive if I start watching it again.. (I wish my laptop not gonna shut down) because of this XD ahahaha
Let's marathon ANIME!! What should I watch next? :D :D :D

(Usui Takumi: come watch anime with me)~ Kyaaaaaaaa!!! stop imagining thing~ ahahaha

That eyebrow though.. so sexy.. ommo!! Usui you're lucky to have Misaki :D hehe.. XDD hurmm.. That's it, I'm gonna watch Kaichou Wa Maid Sama after this :D

So, back to the topic.. Did you ever test whether you most use left side or right side of your brain?

So, today... I'm gonna show you one video from BuzzFeedVideo.. You can subscribe them for more cool video if you want too ^__^

So here it is: (Please watch this k.. Its only take 1 minute 42 second.. XDD You can pause, if the video was too fast for you.. Choose A or B and keep track with your answer... :D

I'm right brain.. How about you? ^___^

Owh ya, of course we as human use both left and right brain.. It just wanna show whether you most use right, left or both brain side XDD

Tell me the result owkeyh.. I love to do this kind of test with my friend XDD ahaha :3

If you want ti do another complete Brain Test, go to Aqu Mong Blog ^__^

So, now come on let's go watch anime XDD

Japanese Gameshow/Television Show That I Love To Watch!!!

Hye guys... XDD I'm so sleepy today.. haiyaaa.. so I thought wanna take a nap but then in front of laptop, I'm searching for Japanese Gameshow too watch... XDD lol... and now I'm hiding myself in my own room, shut off the lamp, cover the door hole.. know why? because there were so many termite swamer in my house... I don't like them since sometime they will bite my hand or feet ( should I use feet or foot?) TT^TT

Owh ya, back to topic:

Takeshi Castle

I start to watch Takeshi Castle when I still a kid. Takeshi Castle was aired at Japan in 1986 while in Malaysia, NTV7 (TV channel in Malaysia) aired Takeshi Castle in early 2000 (At that time, I'm age 8 years old.. This gameshow popular across other country.. What I want to say this gameshow was the best at that time XDD I will sit in front of TV just to watch Takeshi Castle.. Its so werid, unique, differ and funny.. at the top of that I really like Takeshi Castle :D

Full Episode English Dubbing: Takeshi Castle Full Episode (be careful some Rate 18 ads sometime pop out =_=) 

I don't know where to find Takashi's Castle Full Episode with English Sub TT^TT Gomesai... I wish someone will re-upload English Sub version... I don't like watching dub movie/drama/show... :'(

Watch this video: Top 40 Takeshi Castle Challenges 


This one super duper my favourite show!!! In Malaysia its aired on Disney XY and TV9 (TV Channel in Malaysia) and they change Sasuke name as Ninja Warrior. I watch both Sasuke and American Ninja Warrior game.. One of Malaysia contestant and the only one from Malaysia  that join Sasuke, name Farid Isham (nickname: cat) on Sasuke 27, 28...

Watch this video: Farid Isham in Sasuke 28

Full Episode English Sub: Ninja Warrior Sasuke (Japan)


Source Info: Tofugu

(Crazy!! but Cool!!)

(O.k save me like that too... XDD)

(Oh...oh... watch out!!!)

I love Tore! and Dero! so much since this game requires us to think and solve puzzle so they can escape deadly traps.. Tore or known as “Puzzle Battle Treasure Hunting Adventure.” It used to be known as Dero! or “Secret Room Puzzle Escape Game,” but was retooled. 

Most important fact I wanna say this Tore! or Dero! are not common English sub show TT^TT So, that's why if you search its online, it quite hard.. hurmmm... Btw try watch this one.. Guarantee you gonna love this one, such a crazy game! I love it!!! XDD

Want to know how Dero work, go here:

(only 1 episode with English Sub)

go here: Reddit (try asking someone at there if he/she have more Tore! episode)

If you scroll down the comment, you will see one person name Ahanaf share another Tore part 1 and part 2 (Kara k-pop join) and since the link Ahanaf share was unlisted video in Youtube... I'm afraid that I doen't have permission to directly share the link.. so just click link that given in Reddit :D

Dero! Dero! Dero! video, please go here: 

(only 1 episode English Sub)

Why only 1 episode English sub? Dakara (that's why), I mention before that Dero! or Tore! no one sub it TT^TT

I need to find Dero! Tore! full episode a.s.a.p even without sub.. I'm fine with it.. If you guys know, don't forget to tell me k ^__^ arigato~

Before I forgot, American version Dero! known as Exit!~

Gaki No Tsukai! (This is No Task for Kids)

Seriously.. and always make my day.. for bwahahaha.. just now.. I watch episode in Edo Period... poor Endo... he's pervert... LOL XDD anyways I find its funny when he said everything they tell about him being pervert is true... awwww....

Owh ya, in this Gaki No Tsukai have many game segment... and the most favourite segment that I like is No laughing segment XDD and if they laugh they gonna get punishment.. owh yeahhhhh... cool right.. XDD

(No Laughing.. or you're dead!! XDD)

Here are the link where you can watch Full Episode Gaki No Tsukai English Sub:

If you want  to join Gaki No Tsukai Fanpage.. just click here: DownTown Fanpage

Kinniku Banzuke (Unbeatable Bazuke)

If you watch this, it will make you remember of Sasuke.. After all Kinniku Banzuke also sport show like Sasuke XDD.. I watch this at TV3 (Malaysia Channel TV).. I try to find Banzuke full episode but =_=' where was it? Did you know?

Anyway try watch this vid: 

Read the description and click Direct Link to watch it ^___^

Run For Money

I watch this on  8TV (Malaysia Channel TV).. This show so funny and it make me remember of Running Man (Korean gameshow) because in Running Man there is mission need to do like Run For Money, but both of this gameshow are differ and have their own attraction XDD

I love this show when player start panic when Hunter see them and want to catch them.. ahahaha XDD.. If they survive this game during the time given, they will get cash.. That's why this show was call Run For Money ^___^

Anyway I try hard to find Run For Money full episode... but... nothing was found TT^TT

Btw watch this episode: Run For Money (English Rule Explanation only)

If you want to watch Run For Money without English Sub.. Go here: Freeze0218

Sokkuri Sweet (Candy or Not candy)

Source Info: Parade.Condenast

I found this gameshow recently.. and I find its interesting.. ahaha XDD.. Btw, sokkuri means look alike.. XD Can you tell which one is choco which one was not XDD This show, they need to taste/eat  the object show by MC was choco or not XDD.. 

(Sniff.. sniff and then eat it.....)

(Its a choco!!!! That face though... ahahaha)

(Chewy Choco!!! but its a shoe! XDD)

(Unfortunately.. this one is real shoe... bwahahahha)

(Its a choco... LOL XDD)

(Eat it.. taste the glass... know what? Its made by candy :3)

Uwatsu! Damasareta Taishou
Doki Doki Dokkiri

The reason I put Damasareta taisho and Doki Dokkiri together because I'm confuse what is the differ between this two show.. >_____<

The most stress thing is that when I searching episode both this show.. but hurmmm.. no subs.. no full epi.. only cut.. uwaaaaaa TT^TT
I wish I can speak well and understand Nihongo... :'( 

Btw both of this show always do a prank on their guest XDDD

I like Japanese prank even sometime its to extreme.. :3

Watch my favie Japanese Prank:

(Funassyi run from the bomb!!! XDD.. So kawaii potato)

(T-Rax Prank lol XDD If its me I'm gonna run too)

(I love first guy expression... bwahahahaha.. and the girl scream XDD)

(I really love this one.. the girl so kawai.. XD)

(Ok this one scary me.. XD and If its me I'm afraid I'm gonna pee if this prank happen to me.. TT^TT)

Just that, I wanna share with you guys.. Oyasumi minna.. Good night.. XDD see you guys tomorrow.. Here my present for you Thailand Extreme Prank for Last Summer (Thai Movie)  

I might get heart attack because of this~ Ciao~

FACT: I'm so Frustrated and Feel so Old TODAY~

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Hye Guys.. Good Morning.. How's your day? :D
I'm completely frustrated...

when I see Kids React to Walkmans (Portable Cassette Player) video...
You know why? Because when I still a kid in 90's (I was born in 1992) I want this kind of thing! Seriously!
Even now, I want to have Walkman, Recorder Player...

I bet they didn't know about pager too... TT^TT (actually I don't have pager, but I wish to have it...)

I feel like I'm really getting old just like other Youtubers saying... TT^TT
Why kids this days... (LOL... why must I'm so emotional over this thing?)

Uts not that I hate new technology like I-Phone, Laptop and so on... I don't know why, but I love things that bring nostalgic..

When I still kid I'm using a radio and put a cassette in it.. and I record my voice doing MC alone, telling ghost stories, singing and so on.. Oh My God, I miss my old times..

Btw here the video: |I subscribe their channel and I watch almost kids, teens, youtubers and adult react to viral video|

Don't forget to subscribe them XDD


Tutorial Recent Post Like Me

Hye There.. welcome to Kuroshitsuji Academy~ Today I'll teach you how to wear proper attire as a butler, how to cook and so on...

I want you to become perfect like me... If you ignore my order~ I will eat you~

AHAHAHAHAHA XDDD what the fish I'm thinking, using Sebastian as my introduction... yamete kudasai.. Stop this immediately...  :D

O.k back to topic... my blogger friend Shiro Usagi asking me how do I make Recent Post like this:

Can you see it? Look at my left section.. you can see there..

So, I'm going to give you a piece of cake tutorial XDD (gomenasai if I use idiom wrongly)

Take Note: I'm using Simple Template (If you find that you can apply this on other template, why not give a try)

1. Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add A Gadget > HTML/Javascript

2. Copy this code and paste in HTML/Javascript
<style type="text/css"> #rp_plus_img{height:377px;} #rp_plus_img li {height:60px;padding:5px;list-style:none; background-color:#ffffff; border:dashed 1px #CAE2FB;} #rp_plus_img a{color:#00000;} #rp_plus_img .news-title{display:block;font-weight:bold ;margin-bottom:4px;font-size:11px; text-align:center; -moz-border-radius: 5px;} #rp_plus_img img{float:left;margin-right:14px;padding:4px;border:solid 1px #000000;width:55px;height:55px;} </style> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> var speed = 1500; var pause = 3500; $(document).ready(function(){ rpnewsticker(); interval = setInterval(rpnewsticker, pause); }); </script> <ul id="rp_plus_img"><script> var numposts = 5; var numchars = 0; </script> <script src="/feeds/posts/default?orderby=published&amp;alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=rpthumbnt"> </script> </ul>

Red         |I prefer white background|
Orange    |as you can see, my border image in recent post is black, you can change into other colour if you  want|
Green      |You can change dashed into solid/dotted or anything you prefer and I'm using 1px size border|

Try edit according your taste... (If you want to change height, padding, margin or so on.. just do it) If it make your recent post looks weird try again edit XDD

I don't remember where I get this tutorial.. but thanks for him/her.. XDD

Comment if its your Recent Post working XDD

btw I like your recent post more :D can you make the tutorial :D
Mine does not center XDD ahaha


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Guys... Hontoni gomenasai... I'm so so so sorry long time not update TT^TT I'll reply as soon as possible.. For today, enough for blog face change XDD...

Too tired to stalker everyone :3 hehe...

Btw.. I hope you guys keep in good shape.. be healthy... :D especially Malaysian people.. since our country temperature increase in degree... TT^TT My bedroom always hot :'( I feel its kind of suffocating...

Owh yah... Huntt.. Did you read my blog today? Before this you wanna see some picture from Malaysia right.. I'm gonna show this one...

This photo taken at Raub, Pahang (Malaysia) by iqbal/mzki
This one taken by my teacher from my old school (SAINA a.k.a Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena) If you realize, I put Sains there.. in English it's Science.. I take Science course before.. ahaha.. XDD
Both picture that I post above, you can say its looks like Sakura bloom~ :3 In Malaysia, there is no spring season like I mention before, but because of suddenly rise of temperature at Malaysia about 1 month above (I don't remember specific date) without raining cause the flower too bloom so beautifully :D and now its start to rain but only 1 to 2 time and its back to 'normal'... Hot and Hot XDDD

Even my skins start to dry and turn dark TT^TT.. (actually I go to swimming pool 3 weeks ago that's why) but... the truth its the sun ray is differ not like before... It give a pain feeling.. not warm anymore :'(
I pray and hope that our country weather condition back to normal.... aamiinn...

To my Blogger friend Cik Ulat, Shiro Usagi, La Senorita and all of you... Hye, Hello, Annyonghaseyo, Konnichiwa.. Ni Hao... Gonna stalk you guys day and night ahahahahahaha (Evil laugh)

(Stalker Like Crazy People) XDDD

Talk about my recent activities, I always sleep, sleep, sleep (hibernate mode) ahaha XDD and just now I upload Kpop MV with English and Romanization subtitle... You can like my video (pleaseeeee... begging for like... XD) and subscribe my channel if you want to... (I wish you want so...)

So here the vid:

Idol Group: 7th Grade Class 1 (such a weird name, but I like their music) 
Title MV: Oppa Virus
This MV pretty cute!! Actually too much cute.. since Kpop is not into cuteness so much in their video compare too Jpop.. If you realize.. this vid.. The sound kind of Jpop, that kawaiiness too much, and the first guys in this MV.. did you see his hand gesture? I means that kind of hand gesture I only realize its on Jpop concept.. ahaha XDD BTW I like to listen and watch this MV since its so so so cute and their song was good...  Owh ya.. the word Oppa, if you guys still doesn't know...
Oppa: Older male (to female) while Hyung: Older male (to male)
Noona: Older female (to male) while Unnie: Older female (to female)
In Korea, age is important.. :D so whoever older than ourselves we should call them by oppa, hyung, noona or unnie... If you're younger was called as dongsaeng.. and for the same age they consider as friend a.k.a chingu... :D

Also... for uncle: Ajusshi and for auntie: Ahjumma (Please correct me if I'm wrong) We call them ahjusshi or ahjumma if they are at the age with our parent (middle-age) XDD

Most of Asian people will refer someone middle age as uncle/untie whether its their relative, their parent friend or non-relative at all.. Its sign of polite and its natural if  you see it XDD

Some foreign ask: Why do you call he uncle? Is he your uncle?

Actually all of them not uncle by relative...

Let's list the country that call other middle-age person as uncle/auntie and call someone older as sister, brother:
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Thailand (I don't know if they refer non-relative as Uncle/Auntie)
List above what I remember XDD Please tell me if they have more XDD Owh ya.. what about Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei? I really want to know that.. XD For Indonesia.. did you call uncle who's non-relative as om? :D

Wow, I write too long.. Should stop now.. ciao~ See ya next time.. Good Night, Oyasumi, Selamat Malam, Wan An... :D