Tutorial Post Title Like Me~ (Simple Template)

Misaki PureBlood | February 02, 2014 |

First of all, I'm getting crazy try to find this coding TT^TT... Now I found it!!! Owh yeah~ Give me Nobel prize~ lol XD

credit to:- Azzahsaid

I just edit from her coding and add some border coding..

So, what you need to do?

Go to Design--->Template--->Edit HTML

Click CTRL+F

Search: /* Posts----------------------------------------------- */ or /* Posts

Copy this code: 

.post {
 margin: .4em 0 2.5em;
 padding-bottom: 1.5em;
 border: dashed #BDBDBD 1px;
 background: white;
.post-title {
 margin-bottom: 1px;
 margin-top: 4px;
 font-size: 18px;
 font-weight: 500;
 font-family: times new roman;
 line-height: 1.3em;
 text-align: left;
 color: black;
 background: #F8E0E6;
 border-top: 2px solid #F8E0E6;
 border-bottom: 2px solid #F8E0E6;
 border-left: 6px none #F8E0E6;
 border-right: 6px none #F8E0E6;
 padding: 0 10px 10px;
.post-body {
 margin: 0 0 .75em;
 line-height: 1.6em;
 padding-left: 5px;
 padding-right: 4px;
.post-title a, .post-title a:visited, .post-title strong {
 text-decoration: none;
 color: black;
 font-weight: bold;

and paste it below /* Posts----------------------------------------------- */

CODE: solid/ dashed/ groove/ none
CODE: go here  HTML COLOUR CODE to change colour that suit your taste

|Padding, Margin you can change it according your preference| OTHER CODE just hantam ja lah~

PREVIEW and SAVE if its working and not damage your template~ 


  1. Congrats!

    It's been a while since I did the coding for my blog. I know how frustrating the process is.

  2. @Farah Ouch... so true.. really hurt me do this XDD
    I wish coding was not this hard TT^TT
    hehe thanks farah-chan ^__^