Story last Nite and Today XDD

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          Story 1: Owkeyh.. its not that nice because I need to help my mom fill in her student mark TT^TT.. It take a long time.. uwaaaaa :'(

          Story 2: But the thing become nice when suddenly someone knock door.. and my lil brother try to see and say its a boy.. so he ask my mom to look what did that boy want.. hurm.. I'm curios who was it.. while ready with my hijab on.. I try to look with whom my mom talk..

          Ouch such a mabushi face he give XDD.. so bright.. white.. sweet.. bwahahaha XDD.. Correction.. I'm not fall in love with him.. it just that his smile fuhh... dangerous.. it bring me smile.. XDD

BTW the purpose he came to sell thing thing:

Potpourri I guess since we can put this inside wardrobe or in our bedroom.. Its produce sweet and nice smell..

          He said to mom that he's Sarawakian if I'm not wrong.. even his face looks Chinese ^___^ and and and that guy said he's from TU college if I'm not in mistake XDD (TU College maybe Taylor University College) XD

          He looks tired and he even ask my mom some water because he's thirsty XD LOL.. such a funny guy XD.. You must be tired walking around village try to sell product right.. Fighting boys!!! Keep your high spirit!! XDD

       And then my sis said she gonna keep this thing in her wardrobe.. XDD..I want that thing too but hurm...nevermind.. you can keep it sis XD...

          Story 3: Owh yeah.. last nite.. I help my bestfriend recover her blog account.. Her blog was not private and have inappropriate picture in there.. I'm glad that I can open it.. XDD ahaha( proud a bit) fufufufu XDD
after that I change her blog password and change her alternate email to mine for safety XD ahaha...
Now let me share my favorite music nowadays XDD:

Monchichi!!! SO CUTE LAH~ even I don't understand what this song means actually XDD I love you Joe and Lareine XDD

Emergency Couple Episode 10 TEASER!!!!

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Oh my God!!!
I can't wait this week!!!
Emergency Couple episode 10!!!

DAEBAK~ fufufufu

          Oh Chang Min try to rebuild relationship between his ex-wifuu, Oh Jin Hee... XDDD.. 

ommo ommo ommo...

           I ship both Chief Gook and Oh Jin Hee together... but I think.. Chief Gook love someone else.. maybe he love Shim Ji Hye??? Ouch I make my own conclusion without knowing the whole story.. whatever.. ahaha..

          Shim Jin Hye talk about baby, right in the last episode? I think its her baby.. but with whom? maybe with Chief Gook without his knowledge.. but why she's hiding it? and what with new confession that Chief Gook like Oh Jin Hee too?

          Right now, I'm on Oh Chang Min side.. I wish he can recall back all of his memory with Oh Jin Hee and both of them try to understand each other in order to rebuild their love ^__^

|Preview episode 10|
> what with cute face Oh Chang Min did <

At that time...At the moment

Can we go back?

Can we start again?

| Cannot wait! Cannot Wait! Cannot Wait! Cannot Wait! | CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!! XDDD going crazy~ aiyaaaa.... ahahahaha XDD


Such New Experience~

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Early in the morning, after finish my Subuh prayer... I go to back to sleep until 12.00 noon... Suddenly someone knock my door!! I'm still sleep at that time.. so tired because of yesterday.. and I heard some noise again and again make my eyes open widely try to scanning around... What happen? Why so loud this noon?

          Again, someone knock my door.. Awww..its my grandma (I called her Tok as in Malay).. I said: "Why Tok? I'm still sleepy" (TT^TT) and then I heard she said "Come out from house right now! DANGEROUS!" she said so many time but at that time with my bare face, sleeping wear.. I open my door and I see 2 males in my house with Tok and try to turn off all switch.. They plug off everything in house..

          What happen??? I'm so blur right now!!! Inside of my head so many thing spinning around.. I cannot digest anything right now since I just woke up. Suddenly Tok come and say.. "Yong (my nickname), we need to go out from house right now, I'm afraid our house might be seize by fire" she said so nervously.

          I with my =_= blur face questioning but only in my heart. I just follow Tok order and I just change my not so pajama into my shabby tracksuit and t-shirt.. and I put all my laptop, hand phone,  car license, all my birth certificate, exam certificate and  so on that important and rushing out from my house even I don't know what happen exactly XDD... but then, I rushing back to get my sis laptop... ahahahaha XDD and turn off the main switch.. hehe..

          Then, Tok tell me that Kira (not real name) burn her rubbish under the electric pole.. the fire became huge and it catch electric cable... awwwww.... so.. that's the story...
           Stupid girl.. why must you burnt something at dangerous place and make others STRESS like this... because of you.. my sleep got disturb and Tok got shock and her knee not feeling well!!! You should consider other feeling babe!!! Most importantly, you should not stay calm like your family did just because that electric pole was affected at Tok and my house!! DARN you girl!! grrrrrrr...... |I hope you take today experience as a lesson~

           Still, I'm glad that all safe, and the fire can be put out... What I want to say here.. we should not be ignorance just because we want to satisfy our self.. Look what happen, if we be selfish~ hurmmmm....

           Whatever it is.. this is my first time experience this kind of thing LOL XDD I'm not nervous or afraid like Tok did, but I feel angry XDD ahaha...

            BTW... this is the first time in history that fireman enter in the village... XDD and I snap the fire truck, in case my dad need it XDD... Turn out my dad ask me, if I did snap the firetruck picture.. I just nod my head and say "yes!" He said that later on, he want that picture LOL XDD So, today I'm being helpful to you? XDD hehehe...

|From now on, I will try to wake up early so that this kind of thing will not happen again|

I feel ashamed with ma self bit since at 12 noon I still sleep TT^TT

Ouch mom dad.. sorry I destroy you guys reputation XDD It can't be help XDD ahahahahaha >___<

Tutorial Put Blogger and Google + Comment Together

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Okie, I'm going to sleep after I write this tutorial XDD I'm so darn tired TT^TT.. My eyes need some rest LOL XDD..

Actually I love to use Google + comment rather than Blogger comment... Since, some of my friend blogger still not use of Google + system and some of them cannot comment because they didn't use Google plus account to reply.. Most of them still using blogger account without combining with Google Plus like I did XDD..

So, I don't want to make things look unfair XDD ahaha... Thanks God, I found the solution how to put both Blogger comment and Google + comment. So, blogger can choose which comment they gonna use.. How it will look like: (you can see it at my comment box)

O.k let's start the tutorial XDD hehe..

1. Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > CTRL + F

2. Find this code:
<b:includable id='threaded_comments' var='post'>...</b:includable>

Go-Go Giveaway

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Mahu giveaway mudah-mudah tapi nak hadiah standard ? jom join segmen nih !

*Follow A Gentleman To Be & Mr Arrogant sahaja . 

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Tamat 27-02-14


1st Anniversary Giveaway by Madihah

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I think I'm going insane... why? because ma blog full with giveaway I join from bloggers friend XDD

Guys, why not join too.. You might get a chance to be a winner :D

Wish you guys Good Luck ^__^


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Okie... again!! Today this is the 3rd time I join giveaway, contest or whatever its call.. hehehe XDD
I don't have nothing to do...

Guys let's join this contest before its FINISH XDD

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Join this ma fellow bloggers friend:


Gonna find new friends hehehe XDD


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O.k this one first time, I join giveaway and its choco!!!
I love chocolate so so so much~ hope I get XDD ahaha.. just hoping LOL XDD

Do you guys want to join this giveaway?